The device in the field of office, because it is flat

hunting cloud network October 23 (text/Maximum editor/water Yan)

17 October morning, apple released a new generation of the device. In addition to outside the conference announced strategic cooperation with IBM, apple seems to have a bigger version of the plan, it is said that is likely to be a mixing equipment, OSX and IOS system. Though apple has the rumor, but there still speculation, apple may on the strategy adjustment, pay attention to the enterprise market, many media from the perspective of IOS on this trend are analyzed.

but, in fact, the real board in the field of enterprise is that it is neither portable, also not easy for you to use.

what do you want to be the enterprise market, it still lacks a keyboard and a pen

many fanboys might argue, the Air2 is already the most frivolous tablet devices in the world, how can not portable? But, in fact, when a user will it used as office equipment, in order to obtain better document editing experience, many people will buy a wireless bluetooth keyboard.

and the bluetooth keyboard on market few less than 300 grams, plus Smart Cover100 more grams of weight, add up the whole equipment comparable to a super this already. In addition, the vast majority of the keyboard equipment to fit the thin figure, often compressed his key travel in order to reduce the thickness of hard, make feel bad, like the steel plate.

as for stylus, many bought the exclusive handwritten pen Pencil users may feel Pencil is good enough. Indeed, from walnut and aluminum to build a Pencil on the handle and sensitivity and professional pressure has done good enough. But don’t forget, these experiences are limited within the exclusive application Paper Pencil, once left the Paper and Pencil is just a beautiful point capacitance pen.

and Adobe for the launch of the professional accessories Ink pressure induction electronic pen, many users have bought said this is a pit. As a professional equipment, the function of the didn’t rule out the palm, interference, enables users to dangling use it for drawing (aren’t Adobe is going to use it to practice calligraphy). Although for business users, handwritten pen is not necessary, but a good use of stylus can undoubtedly bring many convenient for it.

using the edit documents why more tired

used for a lot of text editing many users found that when using the device for input (with keyboard case), they tend to be more easy to feel tired and sore eyes. As is known to all, the device adopts the top of the screen, very suitable for a long time. They often feel puzzled.

but, in fact, this question is very simple, is due to the carry IOS, when users use keyboard input, the characters of the box is on the under side of the screen (Windows are always follow the cursor appears). This allows the user’s attention need to be continually activity, can smoothly text editor, over time, natural feel sore tired eyes.

the device performance is insufficient, lack of real productive application

recently, Adobe and Microsoft opened a joint conference, Adobe released the Adobe adapter touch-screen version Windows equipment image processing software. Windows users encouraging for camp, think Windows touchscreen devices of spring has come.

in fact, early in the Adobe on the released many touch screen version of the image processing applications. But in addition to these applications appear in apple’s advertising, I didn’t see anything in real life a user to use. The excellent performance is often praised by people is the host, but we need to remember this is only praise.

the device and the real host can be used to work there are still many gaps, especially after no keyboard mouse, to expand the load performance of the transition animation.

are used to demonstrate high cost

frankly, it is really a good presentation equipment. With appropriate Apps, deserve to go up one, for each staff for a meeting is indeed a wonderful idea.

but due to the expensive price, are going to be a projector, I don’t think in a tough economic climate, many companies are willing to afford such a fee (of course, China could be the other). If is only used to display goods, cheap android tablet can play as well, in this respect, it is not how much competitive.

it is a good reading devices and display devices, but it is not a qualified equipment productivity. Many people said that it is enough to be competent the job of lightweight, but what kind of job of light? Every day you just need to read files, sign, when in a good mood to write hundreds of words of speech?

please, that it’s only a “staff” every company, and you have to call him “the boss”!

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