The decline of video games really to the road? The real economy in the reorganization of the mark

hunting cloud network on December 11th (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

the advent of the era of mobile Internet gradually overturned the people of the world, at the same time, some childhood toys gradually fade out people’s field of vision, such as video games.

Internet companies, led by alibaba, tencent, baidu, pushed the mass to the Internet age, the rise of 360 also marked the high point of the Internet age, today, people have gradually from the Internet society to the mobile Internet era. The beginning of the age of a also marks the end of an era, who will be carrying a video of a childhood dream to become the era finally a big.

what caused the demise of the video games now?

as an offline store service of video games, video games look with a electronics, and game, as he is very close to the Internet. But he belongs to the shopping mall, KTV, bars of service economy, with the Internet are still far away. The development of smart phones, mobile phone games, just meet the demand of people’s entertainment, robbed the demand of the video.

when video emerged, with gorgeous appearance made a hard, although the content is very simple, but after all is a new experience can not replace, people are also keen. Equipment expensive let merchants overwhelmed, not also don’t want to update the equipment, especially smart phones, tablet and upgrading is very fast, the screen rendering picture quality than video games. And video game hardware cost is very high, and upgrading of speed too slow, played with the high quality of users don’t want to go play video games.

as a result, the smartphone hardware experience growing by leaps and bounds, excessively relying on the gambling business, hardware for a long time not updated video finally collapsed.

why such as KTV, shopping malls and other services are still alive and well, the reason is that they have the same kind of Internet service is hard to do user experience.

today, video games and possible counter attack?

now video games are half dead state, but if you really can do it well in the final user experience, the formation of differentiating experience, is not without back into the public view. But it coincided with the video game original heavy assets runs counter to the supply chain.

how can let the video game city fast updating equipment to catch up with the user requirements, it is a difficult problem. Maybe the market of transboundary provides new opportunities in this field:

video games can undertake integration and surrounding industries, such as home appliance sells: can use in the home appliance sells the sale of equipment, to provide the game need to spend high price to buy different remote control equipment in service or online gaming experience. Through the integration of these resources, make computer games more creative.

at the same time also have drainage effect, but also conducive to the home appliance sells the sales growth. Other also can integrate the open bars, restaurants, KTV, as light, show, display facilities.

bars, restaurants, KTV, and video games together, prompting offline experience more diversified create real services, also benefits customers reputation enhancement. Merchants commodity exhibition promotion experience in all directions at the same time, people decide to buy in the entertainment.

so every can solve the problem of video equipment, but also solves the smart TV game equipment ecological problems, it not a good idea?

the real economy by the Internet mode, do not tell the real economy is not good, but the real economy should restructure and adapt to the market to provide new services. To beat the Internet.

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