The deal: map urban consumption, consumption platform do O2O wisdom

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at present, the entity industry and the integration of the mobile Internet electricity business advantage developed into the main melody. In the era of mobile Internet electric business, consumers shopping, payment, dating, sharing, and so on, almost all can be done in the mobile terminal, a smartphone to a large extent, change the habits of consumers. The change of this kind of habit, the original system of industry will have a huge impact, the change of the business model will be followed.

in September, a collection of web sites, mobile phone APP, micro letter three oneness of O2O intelligent mobile consumption platform – “cost-effective” officially launched. Cloud network understanding, hunting the cost-effective O2O intelligent mobile platform to “show business online, offline entity consumption” pattern, whether members or businesses can benefit from it. In member consumption to save time, energy, money and make money at the same time, they will also make “fame” double ended, through the platform to push propaganda and members constantly sharing business information, maximize the realization of information and commodity, online and offline, merchants and businessmen, merchants and precise perfect docking between members.

apparently, merchants and members become cost-effective mode of important support. For businesses, the deal platform of open and free, and business information in WeChat mobile apps, mobile sites, PC four synchronous push platform, will easily capture, cost-effective near members and enhancing the competitiveness of businesses in the industry and consumer groups in the profile. The cost-effective business recommended members will life become a permanent business additional sources of income, because the members in the platform a businessman consumption, recommend merchants will get platform promotion reward accordingly.

for members, the deal is an efficient and convenient platform for the consumer, will bring the member is not the same as the new feeling. Such as save time: anytime, anywhere access to the members cost-effective consumption platform, search for the required business information; Energy: never leave home, came to the search and accurate consumption; Save money: membership in the United States for signing merchants consumption, get the corresponding consumption cashback; To earn money, such as the recommend new members to join, produce consumption can also get the platform corresponding promotion rewards.

the whole, life service class O2O beauty, it is for members to draw a map of the city’s consumption, is a collection of PC, mobile phone APP, micro letter triad of mobile intelligent consumer platform. Relying on signing the deal service businesses, a member of the cost-effective to provide the most comprehensive of the city’s consumption information. Signed the deal merchants, to join the consumption of the city map, broke the shop location limit, virtually reduced to store location choice request, save the shop rent, saving expenses for merchants. And the cost-effective members need to complete the registration process on the platform, just show me your membership information in the actual consumption can enjoy preferential discount, let people don’t know the phones don’t understand network for network consumption can follow one’s inclinations.

is different from general group purchase mode, the cost-effective to win not only for the members of the dealer price after discussion, on the basis of the bargain after price for members to enjoy cash back again. Breakthrough the limitation of online, let members get the most comfortable experience of consumption is the largest bright spot in the bargain.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the deal is expected in 100 cities across the country at the same time launched in 2015 the bargain sites, registered members to reach 60 million people; Beautiful cost-effective platform in 2016 is expected to various cities across the country, registered members will reach 300 million people.

the cost-effective O2O platform for mobile consumption, wisdom has a distinct advantage. In terms of localization, interaction, O2O is the trend of the network shopping, have infinite future emerging O2O as e-commerce online shopping mode, divided to the electronic commerce pattern layout, will bring more benefits to people’s life is very convenient.

the bargain

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