The currency mining machine which is strong, bitcoins Brothers to help!

in the past two years has been at the COINS of the secrecy mining machine manufacturer of bitcoins Brothers launched currency mining services, the company claims to support the service is to be able to more effectively dig the currency more powerful machine.

COINS excavated in COINS ledger is the blocks in the chain of the confirmation and the process of creating a new currency. Every success to verify a currency deal, “miners” will be a value of about $8100 currently 25 COINS.

with these services, the miners don’t have to dig on their own hardware, but can use (or at least think) the best COINS excavated with the latest technology.

although is simple, but with block chain more and more, the confirmation process is becoming more and more complicated. And because of the currency prices are plummeting, miners to buy expensive computing device specially designed for mining, and placed them in a distant place, their profits also shrunk.

the set up of the company by the former in Berlin Germany military cryptographers Mark Welle and his brother founded Maik, with more than 6 Petahash handling capacity of super computer with mining services. (Petahash and below the Gigahash, Terahash, Exahash is measuring the measuring unit of the currency mining, said in the network of the computing power is employed to identify the trading size.)

bitcoins Brothesr money from Welle brothers earlier as the money I earned COINS miners. Now the company is working with TSMC (Taiwan IC manufacturing company) cooperative manufacturing proprietary 3 d 16 nm FinFET (fin type field effect transistor) ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit).

the number of COINS equipment manufacturers are stable to reduce, like KNC Miner that company out of the hardware market, other companies like Butterfly Labs also shut down by the U.S. federal trade commission.

“on the whole, we have a different business model in different stages.” Bitcoins Brothers’s chief technology officer Thomas Ackerman said, “the first stage is to sell the currency mining services, people can rent our machines, computing capacity ranging from Gigahash, Terahash to Petahash.”

the COINS network processing capacity is about 250 Petahash, and Ackerman said equipment used are now out of date, need to update, “once we enter the market, we will overturn 250 Petahash now.”

the first phase of the business plan was to sell cloud services, mining and trading in the second stage is to provide priority service, so that certain users can give priority to the confirmation within the chain block. Ackerman said, if a network can control a large number of transactions, it can add additional costs to prioritize. He envisaged in the future can be sold to apple, LG, samsung 19 nm ASIC for the use of mobile devices, replace the NFC mobile devices in order to start at the time of registration password authentication. Finally, if the block chain became the mainstay of the Internet of things, the transaction processing will be swift and violent development, powerful mining techniques become more valuable.

the company’s every supercomputer containing 256000 ASIC and stronger consumption lower ability of chips, and the company are building the computer cluster of each work station can be increased to 1.5 Exahash mining speed.

Ackerman said in a statement: “objectively to see our machines, although it be hard for SHA256 integer calculation and comparison of the floating point arithmetic, but in general the LINPACK Rpeak and Rmax benchmark, we each large-scale super-efficient computer (MSEM) all over the world’s fastest supercomputers. If the hash calculator to calculate the core, the calculation of each MSEM core number is double that of tianhe. 2, is located in the PetaFLOP list first (tianhe ii has 3.1 million core). And it’s cost and covers an area of less than 2, tianhe power only one over twenty of the tianhe 18 2 mw. Our currency supercomputers have large-scale parallel job scheduling calculation model of opportunism, can build a new 10 billion secondary operations, far more than FLOPS (number of floating point operations per second) and MIPS (words long fixed-point instructions the average speed of execution). “

bitcoins Brothers is not the first to sell new invention to reduce the mining cost, Asicsrising GmbH earlier this year for its new chip technology made a similar statement. According to an article in the Wall Street journal, a newly renamed CoinBau company claims to be the development of a high efficiency, low voltage chip, can dig the energy needed by half. This is called Wolfblood Extreme Efficiency of chip 0.19 per 1 Gigahash calculated only need energy (0.19 J/GH), and according to the WSJ reports, the current standard is 0.376 J/GH.


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