The currency investment trends report: prices diving, but mature ecosystem

this article will be extracted from the latest report is a major discovery for analysis, mainly analyzed until today in the third quarter of 2014 the latest data on the currency and major events. Overall, this quarter can be described as “COINS a tale of two cities”.

on the other hand, massive risk investment continues to flow into the currency of emerging enterprises, the acceptance of the COINS also made great progress, especially the currency as a medium of exchange acceptance in this regard.

on the other hand, in the third quarter as a whole, the currency prices steadily falling, its decline situation also affect the price of early in the fourth quarter, the price of the currency has fallen by nearly 20% in the early in the fourth quarter.

the price is still a concern

in the last quarter, we pointed out some prominent currency watchers believed that, the price for the currency to give too much attention. It is in the reading of the top 10 article, there are four chapters are about the price of the currency.

in the third quarter, the trend to grow, reading out of the top 10 article, almost eight article is about the price of the currency.

considering just beginning in the fourth quarter, we don’t think people’s interest for the currency price decrease soon.

media is often said that good news goes on crutches, bad news travels fast. The currency prices fell about 40% in the third quarter, that may also explain why the readers in the third quarter will have greater interest in currency price fluctuations.

in the third quarter, and the price of a remarkable coincidence: after a rise of 39.4% in the second quarter, the price of the currency down 39.6% in the third quarter, almost the same number.

a lot of people put forward various theories, to explain the currency price decline, from a macroeconomic factors (such as the dollar), regulatory issues, such as BitLicense), to the lack of investment of the speculative motive.

one of the more controversial, a little counterintuitive theory, by citigroup and other people, they think the currency price decline steadily, and in the third quarter because of the increase in the number of merchants accept COINS.

this theory: began to accept the currency businesses such as Dell, quickly will they receive the liquidity of the currency exchange for local currency, creating selling pressure.

but, in fact, now merchants trading is too little, so it is impossible to large effects on the currency price (such as Overstock currency trading, a day on average only us $15000), and the currency exchange such as Bitstamp, currency trading volume can reach millions of dollars a day.

in addition, although in the short term timing differences may lead to imbalance between demand and supply business, in the middle of the business through the payment processors, convert the currency into yuan, and the effects on the price, will be passed by because of the currency customer fiat purchase COINS, and strike a balance.

COINS start-up venture investment has amounted to more than $300 million in total

although the third quarter of the risk of investment do not meet the second quarter of 73 million dollars, but in the third quarter of the currency, the company’s new venture investment reached $60 million, the number is considerable.

so far, including early in the fourth quarter of the investment, such as the $30.5 million funding round Blockchain, from 2012 to now, the existing $317 million investment into COINS start-ups, 71% of the amount of investment from 2014.

2014 currency risk investment will exceed 1995 Internet

the people most about the early days of the currency report to discuss is the comparison of two – we put the early Internet start-up and early investment comparison COINS emerging enterprises.

venture capitalists, such as mark Anderson has put the whole potential of the COINS, and its current development stage, are compared with those of the Internet in 1993.

we compare is evaluated by venture capitalists wallet – they really support their praise of the currency. Despite some methodological controversy (including inflation, and over time, founded a start-up costs vary), but we believe that such a comparison is still interesting and useful.

by the end, we predict in 2014, the investment currency total investments in emerging companies will reach $290 million, the data is much more than 1995 investment in the Internet the first round of the investment of emerging enterprises.

it should be pointed out that: compared the risk of investment is only included in the first round of investment; In late 1995 the Internet for a $257.6 million investment has been ruled out.

in 2014 is expected to publicly disclose the currency risk investment in emerging enterprises, will be 2013 VCS 3 times the total amount of investment of COINS emerging enterprises.

all in all, a massive risk funds continue to flow to the currency emerging enterprises. And the massive investment trends will become one of the most important events in 2014 COINS.

more business and consumer

COINS as a value object storage means, speculation than it as a medium of exchange, the faster speed.

in the third quarter, dell began to accept the currency biggest retailer so far, and on the website using the currency as a means of payment.

such as dell and Purse. IO companies are also provides a very attract currency consumers, such as no matter where customers can get 10 ~ 30% discount.

2014 is coming to an end, but we will continue to see the number of merchants to accept the currency of strong growth.

in the third quarter, 1.2 million COINS a new purse is created, we predict that by the end of 2014, there will be a total of 8 million COINS wallet.


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