The company sold another record, Surface or will close

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to Microsoft has just announced fiscal 2015 Q1 earnings, Microsoft last quarter revenue more than Wall Street expected. Of the company, Surface, such as the Xbox hardware implementation business are increased significantly, while Microsoft business cloud services revenue doubling.

Q1 Microsoft’s total revenue of $23.2 billion, year-on-year growth of 25% last year, the average diluted earnings per share to $0.54, slightly more than Wall Street expected;

Microsoft Q1 total operating profit of $5.84 billion, now Microsoft’s $89.2 billion in cash and equivalents;

Surface Q1 business revenue of $908 million, that figure last year 127% year-on-year growth. Analysts pointed out that this is mainly because the Surface of Pro 3 welcome far above the Surface of the product;

Microsoft mobile phone business Q1 total revenue of $2.6 billion, the company sold another record best, 9.3 million;

the Xbox business rose 58%, the Xbox 240 sets of sales for this quarter.

Offece 365 subscribers rose to 7 million, rose 25%. Commercial cloud business line in revenue growth of 128%;

Windows licensing business revenue growth of 10%. Windows consumer retail business revenue fell 1%, OEM authorized business grew by 2%.


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