The Chen built a $8 billion private equity fund murdoch to join

shanda is rapidly become an investment holding company. In a grand original core business video, game, literature have sold, its grand CEO Chen are in the process of a sum of 8 billion dollars in vlsi PE.

, according to people familiar with the matter as a GP, shanda will take out 1.5 billion dollars, there are several LP to subscribe, including the development, the people’s livelihood, Volkswagen, zhangjiang hi-tech, handler, etc., media mogul rupert murdoch also want to join this very large scale of PE.

rumours that the fund will be to shanda has best Internet, TMT field, including the domestic enterprises listed, the overseas listed companies “return” to the domestic capital market, including overseas mobile life services, finance, health, medical and other fields.

a thorough knowledge of the Chen understand investment professionals to tencent technology, said the rumors, basic it is Chen strategic choice. Shanda, said senior official, who was not convenient at this time, but the grand transformation into investment company, fund at that time is the most important part.

prior to that, for a grand to the Internet, a big group, senior vice President and spokesman nichle (weibo) has said that a grand transformation is the investment holding company, even into other sectors, also will never fade out of the Internet, but to strengthen the Internet.

the big sell winger holdfast, shanda games the past few years, JiSheng, and many other businesses, has won the high returns or successful exit. The personage inside course of study speculated that shanda has accumulated tens of billions of yuan of money, at least a grand is use the money to invest.

this rumor in the $8 billion fund between Mr Murdoch and shanda is not without roots. In early 2013 grand to invest 1 billion scale a fund of funds, boost the writers companies doing business, which attract attention of news corp.

that year in March, news corp chairman rupert murdoch low-key to Shanghai, visit Chen. Since then, news corp’s global vice President jack gao’s then appeared shanda literature writers company founding conference, also confirmed the news group and big cooperation possibilities in the field of content.

shanda President Robert chiu said had an interview with tencent technology at the scene, at that time, news corporation and huge on the industrial layout, have been looking at a big news group, this time is close, with both sides.

Mr Murdoch has also dabbled in shanda games and literature thought ownership problems, including to shanda will “news” and “entertainment” made it big in China, but no progress. The news that Mr Murdoch and Chen is likely to meet again in Singapore.

what a grand investment holding company is a prototype? Perhaps when Robert chiu to tencent’s things more straightforward to explain.

Robert chiu, said Chen tianqiao is determined to parent company into a group holding company, the parent company is more and more like a private equity fund, when some assets found no longer is the core assets, it is made of the best conditions to liquidate, put in exchange for cash to want to put into place.

Robert chiu said, it industry is a good time to invest abroad, grand investment may not be a pure TMT or cultural domain, there will be other industries. As said will be to invest in overseas real estate and resource industry, as long as the appropriate time.

at present, the domestic another Internet company everyone has been dealing with its assets, including glutinous rice network, 56 network. , according to investment analysts estimate the company will have to go big this road, namely, PE, with capital leverage forced to upgrade to another dimension reduction, the Internet makes the industrial capital will defeat the traditional VC and PE era.

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