The CBS interview Mr. Ma: ali how to go global

guide language: in alibaba record IPO, famous American CBS television interview program “60 minutes” broadcast Sunday night to Mr. Ma’s interview. Begin to pay close attention to “60 minutes” from a year ago, ali journalist Lara Logan alibaba company headquarters in hangzhou, with ma long, explore the alibaba is how to get the hundreds of millions of consumers, and ma extraordinary business philosophy, attitude to shareholders, how to deal with the relationship with the government.

the following is a condensed:

“60 minutes” : in the United States tend to be shareholders first, but you seem to have unusual?

jack ma: yes, I think this is not necessarily correct. Shareholders is very important, I respect them, and their third reason is that you as long as the user is good, good to employees, shareholders will naturally guaranteed.

“60 minutes” : but Mr. Ma’s unusual views without blocking Wall Street’s enthusiasm, they invested $25 billion to ali, now the company listed on the nyse, code-named “BABA”. The Internet giant, link buyers and sellers together. On taobao, users can communicate with each other, bargaining, in a new, not used to the American way of e-commerce shopping, choose and buy is in the middle of the 1 billion items.

“60 minutes” : if I want to buy a house, from looking for architects, to buy a doorknob, to decorate the whole house, from beginning to end can be done in ali platform, right?

jack ma: yes, as long as it is legal, you can buy anything, anything.

“60 minutes” : five or six years ago, you do not even profitable, made a profit of $1 in 2002, the profitability of your now?

jack ma: $1 level.

“60 minutes” : alibaba is now the world’s largest e-commerce company, sales over the sum of amazon and eBay. Alibaba in China created a new group – the Internet consumers. Before ali appeared, they have no way to come into contact with the modern business.

“60 minutes” : you have 500 million registered users.

jack ma: almost. But this is only 40% of the population of China, we will have more. Every day there are 100 million people to visit our website and shopping, the future is just beginning.

“60 minutes” : when jack ma founded in 1999 by alibaba, the Internet world completely different, and now the most popular search engine and it was yahoo!, rather than Google. At that time no iPods, iPhones or iPads, every ten households in the United States and only four have access to the Internet, and almost did not touch the world wide web to China. In big cities in China at that time, in addition to, almost no retail stores, no credit CARDS, in many parts of the country without package transportation. The only way of shopping, is face to face cash transactions.

jack ma: when I started doing e-commerce, nobody believes that China’s e-commerce will succeed. Because it is believed that “relationship”, “face to face trade”, and all sorts of traditional network. Then there is no credit system in China.

“60 minutes”, he had to overcome centuries of tradition, to show Chinese buyers and sellers, they can entrust to alibaba gold silver, doing business in the new virtual world. He set up the guarantee transaction and payment system.

jack ma: every day we completed more than 30 million transactions, this means that you buy something from completely not seen, and then by you completely have never seen a person responsible for delivery. I want to tell people, there is trust.

“60 minutes” : it’s all to do with trust.

jack ma: yes, everything is related to the trust.

“60 minutes” : now in China, whether poor or rich, as long as you can access the Internet, has something to sell, can reach hundreds of millions of consumers through Mr. Ma’s website. Never don’t know each other a lot of ordinary Chinese people, there is a way of doing business with each other, become a part of the Internet world. This is a revolutionary idea, Mr Ma has also become the hero of millions of Chinese.

no computer or engineering background, in 1995, ma said he, as a translation in the United States, the first contact with the Internet will be attracted.

jack ma: before, I have never touched the keyboard, it is no use a computer, I ask, what is the Internet. I was told, “ma, you can search on the Internet any want.” I said, “how to search, search is what mean?” He said, “while typing.” Computers at that time in China is very expensive, I don’t want to break him, he says, “playing okay.” I’m calling from the first word is, Beer. Slowly, the United States, Japan and German beer, but no beer in China. So I just curious, enter China, no Chinese, no data. Return to hangzhou, although at that time I worry, fear, also have no money, but I always know, “I want to be in a group called the Internet business.”

“60 minutes” : today, alibaba has a market value of $231 billion, the company headquarters is located in hangzhou, have ability to match any silicon valley giants. Alibaba also recognized and appreciated by the Chinese government.

“60 minutes” : you once said, when you can make hundreds of people with your small business website, the government will recognize you. Are they approved?

jack ma: they recognized, we hope we can help to social stability. I told the government, my mission is to help more people to find work.

“60 minutes” : many people think that want to succeed in China, has a relationship or background, either from a rich family, and none of you?

jack ma: no. I told my team, can fall in love with the government, but don’t marry them. Therefore, we keep good relationship. When it comes to national security reasons, we have a very strict process, to the cooperation with the government. This with Google or Facebook the cooperation with the U.S. government and indifference.

“60 minutes” : after the listing in the United States, Mr. Ma will hold alibaba’s globalization strategy, and sell the products to hundreds of millions of potential consumers in China.

“60 minutes” : so you into America’s strategic, not to enter the U.S. market, is not to challenge Google, amazon and eBay, they don’t have to be afraid of, right?

jack ma: we are here to help. Came to China, for example, to help the small business business, and this is what we do best. Every day we have today 100 million buyers come to shopping on the platform. How many in three years? I don’t know, maybe 300 million? (li Lin)

source: sina science and technology

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