The boring stage C round of financing $100 million eight months valuation of $500 million

, according to people familiar with the interesting stage recently completed C round of financing, financing amount to $one hundred million. A new round of financing purposes in addition to continue to strengthen the existing campus hire business, also will be used to promote the new site to hire power white-collar market by installments. Interest in installment official confirmed that the company has gained a new round of financing, but did not disclose the specific financing amount and the investor.

the data shows, interest in installment by the serial entrepreneur co-founded amith jj, were products on March 21, 2014, online, online for cars at the beginning of the family of the founder li xiang, good joy buy founder shubin, many allied ucdos founder, sing founder Chen, the plum blossom joint angel, angel founder Wu Shichun 5 April that get millions of dollars A round blue chi vc investment, and in August source capital, Singapore private consortium and blue ventures three agencies combined injection. Interest in installment in a single day in October sales success breakthrough 10 million yuan, overall sales are expected to exceed 1 billion yuan this year, next year is expected to reach 10 billion yuan.

interesting mode of staging is installment shopping + P2P network credit + campus part-time tripartite business platform. Students with interest in installment audit can be shopping, consumption amount in interest in installment site behind the money actually by boring stage of P2P network credit investors to bear, and the revenues they borne by the buyers to students, interest in installment. Students can be boring recommended by part-time to get funds to repay.

in the boring stage performance under rapid development, the management team has begun to business groups. , according to people familiar with the matter to stage mainly targeted on the Internet and VC vertical, from BAT to get A round Internet startup investment enterprise staff and all employees can get VC funds 10000 yuan to 500000 yuan credit line, the fastest lending, 24 hours A day early online marketing will take out 100 million yuan and benefits to the user.

cloud network hunting, to proof the boring stage is completed a new round of funding, officials said the first two rounds of investor capital source, blue ventures were cast, with the specific amount and new investors information will be held at the right time announced at a news conference.

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