The blowout? Lack of sex education App

hunting cloud network October 16 (text/teng tree g)

although unavoidable should give me a little trite, to cater to my big “hunting cloud network” ethics as the mainstream media, but helpful hints about the front – there will always be energetic, not regularly reveal this article the author’s deep well temperament.

in Microsoft doing users commonly used Microsoft’s official information “software” push, filled with observant to notice that the education channel in marked the location of the top the epicenter wide network of wuhan on October 14 news: hubei wuhan in September this year in the elementary school issued a sex education teaching material – a book named “life education”, and as a subject.

it is said that the book illustrated, scale bold, among local teaching staff and students’ parents caused great repercussions.

wuhan five piers fifth-grade ROM. The teacher said: “we think the reader is quite scientific, practical, illustrated that attract children. Every inside there is a little story, close to the child’s life, they feel very interesting also want to see. Rather than have some books, hair down children into the bag, then throw in the home.”

and some concerned parents say: I think this is a little more of the scale of the “life education” exceeded our expectations, for example, illustrated on the storyteller of women’s physiological structure, physiological change has carried on the detailed introduction, looks more like a physical science article, that for primary school students, is a bit too?

in this press release by each big media spin and reproduced, the sense of smell, has always been keen to watch is the first discovered in this paper, we hunt hidden behind of the cloud network has been paying attention to the problem of two social responsibility peaks of collection —

one, traditional media role in popular science in new media platform in place of deep thinking and reveal;

the cross-platform mobile intelligent terminal app ecosystem existence education class/sex enlightenment.

in this two clues, today we stand on the position of intellectuals to deconstruct the information behind the news. Long-term since, affected by traditional Confucian “see no evil, sex sounds, no evil, evil,” the concept of Chinese parents, will uniformly live talk sex as a “disaster”, naturally take the processing means of sealing and dodge. Under such sexual pressure, the vast majority of children’s sex enlightenment from informal official paper way, such as pulp fiction and adults to work, and there are some yellow hidden underground products such as magazines and picture books instead of sex games become the main litres of teenage sex enlightenment order information carrier.

so, the children in the so-called “of the United States, almost smile, recruit, not to also do not go to” the classical aesthetics in love, always can’t see the anecdotal or dirty on the books of that kind of direct and explicit.

so, the modern media as the multimedia populist grass-roots “, now the children don’t like the ancients, easily because of the opposite sex and love, a simple encounter is apart they received is far more directly than the content of the paper is the most exposed of audible and visual images and interactive online games, virtual social circle bold dialogue products and so on media.

this is due to the so-called “ban’s skill in case of, jie yan to set the” principle of the mainstream, even science level, the traditional sexual enlightenment also must be shy to skirt around in terms of his attitude.


this kind of model not only can’t give a good education environment and also pass not much real knowledge, on the contrary, will make the formal sex education show itself a self-abased from black, will force the child to find ways to adult education itself, and then lose all guide and guidance role.

today’s domestic famous sexology scholar ms li had to unscramble foucault and sex to soften the barriers constraints have tied their own countrymen. Tall is, in the book, Ms. Li yinhe deeply and do it straightforward to interpret foucault sexuality history works of the classic spectrum method, learning and “Reich proposition” and “Nietzsche’s proposition”, restore to the people with a formal academic amplifier on building model of sexology.

and the wuhan body first demonstration of the educational reform, is not only the traditional education in the face of multimedia education in place of a mess of the self, more can be seen as a kind of test the waters, is beneficial to its app design developers to better understand the sex enlightenment paradigm.

it is the second main line, let’s look at what are now several big mainstream system platform localization app sex education application. First is ios, parent-child sex education class in the app store do the comparison of typical app is “you”, this on the iPhone, ipod touch and the support are ver. In order to show our elegant, small make up directly into a traditional is introduced.

GuJiHui grandly promotes Hong Kong’s first called “protect you” sex education Mobile App, the youth volunteer group “dolphin” righteousness to adolescence for theme creation, object to eight to 12 years old children and their parents.

in the process of the game, players have a teenage breeding characters (avatar), through the two respectively by the combination of “sperm Egg” and “birth control” as the design concept of “Happy Egg” and “Hungry Sperms” little game points accumulation and growth. Players may interact with these games, the cumulative scores, make its breeding character development gradually, and puberty physiological phenomena, such as height, shoulder width, long out of the nucleus, hair, breast growth, grow acne.

in addition, the cumulative scores can also be thought bred role earning growth of fittings, such as underwear, chest circumference, sanitary towel, bathing suit, acne cream, sex education books and so on, for all aspects of the role of puberty growth ready for.

another feature of the game, is to encourage battles between parents and children, let the children in the process of interesting ways to absorb knowledge, parents can also through the game content, discuss with children easily adolescent life, psychological changes, it will be at home when the implementation of sex education naturally more handy.

the other sex education enlightenment app there are some in the rack, but mostly Japanese foreign language such as English version, the “shame culture” of the Japanese in the sex enlightenment is worth our using for reference.

then we in the android platform, the regular education class app has only a software called “children’s sex education TV version” completely on the topic, the content is basically a “goo goo forces” series theme animations play continuously. Well even though the video quality, content and form of expression, have fun, but it didn’t jump out of the duck, and is aimed at young children, for the education of elementary school students ages is missing, is also a lack of interaction.

here must make it clear that the android software circle more disorderly, we only see enlightenment education software localization, for famous sexy tube pro we adults abroad applications such as reference.

we finally see bb10 system, it’s only half an app. Is the NFB. Said he was handicapped, because he is just a fun science video applications, but there is some sex education under the education channel related small video, too good, I often recommend to friends is filled with a great application.

wait wait, if a guest officer asked why I skip wp8 platform. I can only very reluctantly tell, though really can have, this also is not really… Only from a third party video platform into a “sex education” one minute video entry, rather take out… And not for teens in…


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