The blackberry issue Passport: throw out mobile phone business, to stay for a while

to give up the consumer market, focus on mobile security, blackberry CEO John Chen “rescue plan” have already produced results.

last month, the blackberry chairman John Chen published a startling news: in an E-mail, he told employees, layoffs and cut the end of the day, the company will timely purchase plan.

less than a year ago, John Chen in charge of the sales are facing huge losses and falling of intelligent mobile phone manufacturing company. This message indicates that his plans for the blackberry out of the consumer market competition has a certain effect. In recent years, due to apple and samsung makes the blackberry’s market share is more and more low, the blackberry is transformed into the market for the enterprise smartphone protection technology provided by the supplier.

once the world’s top smartphone makers, blackberry not completely give up hardware business, yesterday called the blackberry launching a Passport has a physical keyboard and a square screen mobile phone. But the company has outsourced the production equipment, most of the attention is not on the consumer market of new products emerge in endlessly.

BlackBerry Passport carrying the latest BlackBerry10.3 operating system, and with similar Siri BlackBerry assistant function. As long as the user according to the middle of the button, the right body to launch the function, can realize such as calls, letter, email, editorial calendar, play music, navigation, update operations such as social status. In addition, the machine has a built-in 2.2 GHz Xiao dragon 800 quad-core processors, with 3 gb of memory and 32 gb storage capacity (support up to 64 gb microSDXC card extension), carrying 13 million megapixel camera, and add the function of optical image stabilization and equipped with LED flash.

John Chen strategy aims to higher-end mobile encryption security business and other new software services to increase profits. If he’s a move that will be successful, partly thanks to him in Sybase13 years of working experience. The latter is a company in California, in 2010 by Germany’s SAP SE $5.8 billion.

since John Chen took over in November, the blackberry’s share price has risen by 68%, to $10.89, but still 87% lower than five years ago. Although analysts predict the company’s losses decreased, but in fact are large losses.

“it tells me that ship to turn over, but also had a very long time.” Robert McWhirter said, he is based in Toronto Selective Asset Management manager, about three years ago had a blackberry.

who has worked with John Chen said that in the Sybase, he made some small but strategic acquisitions, delivered all of the benefits. In 2006, the acquisition of Mobile 365, his face a greater risk of bet. In the end, the information about the text through acquisition of the business, cemented his reputation as an expert as a transition.

John Chen is in Sybase well-run money enough time to do this business. “I remember I and CFO sit together, I said, ‘even if under the wrong note I won’t ruin the company’.” John Chen recalled in a recent interview.

since the end of July, John Chen already with two small acquisitions support blackberry enterprise market plan. The two companies a product to prevent cell phone was tapped, another help enterprises to better control staff equipment cost.

“the acquisition of John Chen and do in Sybase is consistent, that is accord with his strategy.” The blackberry COO Marty Beard said. He is a former Sybase followed John Chen to blackberry is the core of the management team members.

“if we want to place any bets, we need to ensure that the blackberry operating in good condition.” John Chen said work 18 hours a day. When he and Sybase, in just in the first month of the blackberry saw hundreds of customers in order to excavate the potential of the products.

his blackberry’s initial focus is on preventing the company’s cash flow into the red. In June, John Chen reiterated the blackberry 2015 realize the target of balance of payments. He recent quarterly profit making blackberry’s share price rose, shocked the analysis. Three months ago, blackberry is a quarter to complete ahead of the news of the cost reduction plan, again let bears surprise. The blackberry will be announced in today’s earnings.

through new software service plans to increase income of most hasn’t been proved effective. This is John Chen launched both business users and one of the reasons for emerging markets mobile phone combination.

Passport is one such new equipment. The Fang Bing intelligent mobile phones will be BB10 since 2013 after a failed the blackberry (flagship) global sales in the first paragraph of the mobile phone. Before sale company won’t reveal information about the characteristics of the phone. But the official blog said Passport all aspects of features will be 50% higher than that of the original models, by making the documents, spreadsheets and x-rays to attract professionals are easier to read.

Passport is designed to be released with apple’s new big screen, with a new mobile payment system of the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus the competition, and apple establish cooperation relations with IBM for big enterprise research and development of mobile application more competitive pressure.

the apple in the mobile phone is blackberry “strong competitors”, “the blackberry was about to transition to focus on mobile security, apple also want to enter this field now.” At Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley said.

the blackberry declined to comment with a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screen new apple mobile phones.

Passport with a 4.5 inch square screen and blackberry trademark physical keyboard. The keyboard there is a change to the touch, can also be used to slide the content on the screen.

the blackberry also hope that will be released later this year mobile device management software, but some customers don’t want to wait for this product, have been adopted by its competitors’ products.

the blackberry now management software support BB10 and other equipment, but does not support older blackberry models, which gave up the software part of users. The latest blackberry enterprise service updates will support all the blackberry devices and competitors.

in indiana, the product release too late. About a year ago, the state began to use the blackberry rivals by employees of the production of software to manage the increasing of the iPhone, and do not expect the blackberry update their total of 6000 mobile phones. Indiana technology office of the IT manager Dewand Neely said. “I don’t remember the last time to talk to someone and blackberry company is when.”


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