The blackberry come: plans to launch a unique mobile phone every year

in the blackberry 10 system after the failure and two flagship cell phone, blackberry took a different path to “survival”, traditional advantage in the market, such as business-oriented government launched distinctive smartphone, the so-called “wonderful work mobile phone” strategy. A market for the first mobile phone unconventional Passport preliminary high praise.

a few days ago, blackberry, said a senior executive to the press plans for the future is at least a year to launch a variety of unusual smartphone on the appearance and function design, to achieve the effect of a look surprised.

– a year

Reuters quoted two blackberry executives as saying that although the blackberry transformation direction of the future is more focus on software and services, but the blackberry will not completely abandon the smartphone business.

in the blackberry executives view, at present, the company’s loss narrowed, and there are still more than 5000 users worldwide in the use of blackberry, so in the field of mobile phones, blackberry there are still some opportunities.

the blackberry for mobile phone hardware business executives Lucas (RonLouks) said that under the current financial performance, the blackberry can also take some risk, the current plan is to launch an unconventional phone at least a year.

Lucas said: “in the design of smart phone, we hope to have a little destructive, we hope to reach a consumer after watching the Shouting” wow “effect.” Lucas said, not necessarily all phones are able to achieve this goal, but the blackberry does have such an opportunity.

last week, blackberry and rival distinct Fang Bing mobile phone market at the Passport, good. Lucas said that an “unconventional” other equipment already in the process of preparation, he also revealed that some try this kind of mobile phone operators, gives some positive feedback.

– well

on Wednesday, Fang Bing phone Passport began to sale on its website. This kind of mobile phone screen in a special 4.5 inches square, industry focus, the memory and battery operation, and also much higher than ordinary smart phone. The phone is still pricing in high-end $599 (model, only less than $50) new iPhone.

the result on the amazon website, all inventory sold out in six hours. Announced on Friday, blackberry, Fang Bing phone has received 200000 orders. In the past few years, the blackberry business phone is deeply however up to the Galaxy and the iPhone, and has no experience for a long time to “stars explode the taste of the”.

of course, the outside world for the Passport, not a sound. Most people praise the phone battery life, square big screen, as well as the sliding control keyboard. Some people also point out some shortcomings, on its biggest problem is that the one hand it is difficult to operate.

Lucas suggested when surveyed, the blackberry is developing a new phone, easy one-handed manipulation. He also said: “from the product roadmap for next year will be listed on the mobile phone, I was very happy.”

the executive also said that the actual sales of Passport, will be more than the blackberry.

– new plan

on Friday, the blackberry released its latest quarterly results. The analyst meeting, the company said Chinese CEO John Chen, mobile world congress in Barcelona in 2015, the blackberry is likely to release new phones.

John Chen said: “in the Passport give full recognition, we will launch at least one of the upgrade version of the Passport.”

he said, “Classic” mobile phone also has been a project for the blackberry, “I talked about with a lot of people, they like Classic, I think we will launch a new version of the Classic, there is a new concept of mobile phone.”

Classic mobile phone, and blackberry Bold very successful in the history of mobile phones very similar, will go on sale later this year.

— raising price

according to the blackberry’s latest earnings, in March 678, the blackberry losses of $200 million, far below the $965 million over the same period last year, including the blackberry business profitable for the first time.

but in mobile phone sales and revenue, the blackberry is still a sharp slump, compared to the global market share of only 0.5%, obviously, blackberry is weakness and samsung, apple, manufacturers such as huawei, share of global competition, the best option is to return to enterprise, the government’s niche markets.

on Monday, jpmorgan chase, a Swiss bank, bank of Montreal, Canada and other institutions have raised the blackberry price target.

tencent seen in science and technology from the stock market data, and in April this year, compared to about $7, blackberry closing price of $10.23 on Monday has risen by half.

source: tencent technology

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