The best protection is early warning! Israeli start-up firm LightCyber to defend your business

hunting cloud network reported on September 22,

the safety of the tel aviv LightCyber start-up company, has brought some bad news – part of the enterprise network has been stolen.

but the new security technology vendors are selling software, can automatically find the enterprise’s defences and solutions are put forward. The supplier has just from ‘Ventures raised $10 million in investment, and get Israel existing investment institutions Glilot Capital and Check Point Software, the founder of Marius Nacht for refs.

“we first assume that your network has been compromised,” chief executive Gonen Fink said, “the future potential vulnerability is no longer a problem, we tailor line for your business, our job is to protect your business from attack.”

the company’s software to monitor network automatically search system in the network anomalies. Fink says, this technique consists of three stages. First is to start an automated network monitoring system, followed by an anomaly detection module, the third is the repair phase, the company provides technical tools to repair the network damage has occurred.

LightCyber has reached an agreement with dozens of customers, and established a strategic partnership, with the Check Point Software vulnerabilities detection and response service for the large customer. LightCyber said in a statement, the use of funds from the ‘enhanced its sales efforts in the United States market, in order to attract more retailers, Banks and the large customers vulnerable to security attacks.

“in the face of the threat of today’s advanced, persistent, old-fashioned, perimeter security measures are not enough,” ‘Ventures partners Itzik Parnafes said, “today, a company’s security Arsenal must contain technology is that you can identify the authenticity of the internal network of malicious activity.” Itzik Parnafes has now joined the board LightCyber.

according to Gartner data, in the past 12 months, the cost of the network crime in the United States has risen by about 30%. Analysis company according to the results of the data, estimated that in response to rapid detection technology and products will budget allocation from 10% in 2014, to 60% in 2020. However, in view of the network threats emerge in endlessly, most detection solution is to identify to malicious software or anomalies, again by the organization to identify its authenticity. This will cause huge operating costs or the result of the wasted effort.

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