The baby tree time: time recording and storing the baby’s growth

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the newborn’s mothers often have a strong demand, record the children grow up with the popularity of smart phones, a growing number of photos and record the behavior has been migrated to mobile devices, the subsequent storage requirements and tedious pics make mothers demand has not been well satisfied. Baby tree at the end of September in 2014, launched a new mobile record product “baby tree time, complete the baby tree mobile strategy layout is a very important link, also fill the maternal and infant market on record and share the life of the blank.

“time” baby tree is parenting community baby tree is a product of its mobile applications, in the baby tree “happy hot mama” on the basis of the existing mobile product upgrade to form, add the function of optical axis when, with unlimited cloud storage, voice Posting social platform and writing diaries, and other functions. And compared to before “happy hot mama” products, “the baby tree time” retained including circle, topic, popular element, such as community on social approach emphasizes the social acquaintances, forms and microblogging, WeChat similar circle of friends, the user can see each other’s share after attention to each other. More special is in the circle, the new joined the circle mechanism of main and administrators, and give the administrator a higher authority, to better screening high quality content.

window on the function, “the baby tree time” users not only can not set limit to import photos artwork, safe storage, solve the problem of insufficient storage space, fully lossless compression for the user to keep the most natural, but also with the baby tree family intelligent cloud picture frame synchronization, let family members Shared moment anytime and anywhere. Launch time diary function at the same time, specially added the function of warm optical axis record, record the baby grow every moment, to save the baby the growth of the mileage.

“is different from general record of the products, the baby tree time this product not only to the Chinese parents new record and photo storage and sharing, and, more importantly, it carries the seven years, the baby tree users by keeping a diary in our website and upload photos of the family of chinese-style parenting life feelings, their good memories.” The baby tree, founder and CEO wang said.

imagine, when you download the application, the new landed you long ago baby tree accounts, discovered a few years ago and children together photos, may have already can’t find the computer photos again appear in the phone, it is a kind of what kind of surprise!

it is understood that “time” baby tree after 4 months of product research, grinding, development, launch the end of September. According to the baby tree related survey data shows, every day more than 300000 family photos uploaded to the baby tree, cumulative storage of 210 million copies. Wang told hunting cloud network: the baby tree time move the upload photos have been beyond its PC web site upload number.


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