The ape users exceeds 5 million 300000 new weekly question bank announced that high school students

hunting cloud network October 9 news, ape question bank () announced today that middle school students more than 5 million registered users, new weekly subscribers has more than 300000. The personage inside course of study points out, according to the data, already launched a year apes question bank become the China has the most middle school students the user mobile phone software to learn.

according to introducing, the ape question bank the 500th user is a from jiangxi province at four grade students of his practice on the apes question bank registered a week have a total of 735 questions all junior high school subjects. Apes question bank says it will give a latest version for the iPhone 6 phone, in order to help him learn to better use of mobile phones.

the ape question bank officially launched in September 28, is a support junior and senior high school students on a mobile phone for measurement of the practice and knowledge to solve the problem of learning software. Apes question bank official said, the number of registered users on October 1, 5 million, and by the time of the ape question bank website shows the number of registered users has reached 5.38 million, which means that the number of users increased by nearly a week has exceeded 300000.

open data according to the ministry of education, according to the national middle school students, a total of more than 7000. According to the growth, the ape question bank to reach thousands of user level during the Spring Festival this year, which means that when have an ape every seven middle school students in the question bank users.

the ape question bank market ShuaiKe operations director said, “the rapid growth of the number of users reflects the middle school students’ recognition of ape test content quality and product experience, many students spend a lot of time every day on the apes question bank, mobile phones have become their most main way of practice to solve the problem.”

the ape question always keep a huge investment in the content, almost covers the topic of quality on the market, and its resolution. Apes question bank support and three total review two synchronous mode. Synchronous practice patterns provide the school more than 30 of the 1000 high quality test, the user can choose to use the version of teaching materials and the grade of synchronized practice. Total review of three patterns provide all over the country provinces and cities in six years college entrance examination questions, and nearly four years, and matching the provincial exam outline and propositional direction, according to ets, disciplines and knowledge to choose its own bo or simulation practice.

according to ape question bank, the ape to the topic of question bank practice amount has reached 278 million, 25% of the land users daily use more than 30 minutes long. At the same time, the ape test has been done on the national nearly 20000 full coverage of the middle school, middle school, 235 users more than 1000 people, more than 500 people by 1469 middle school.

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