The Android tablet which is strong? Yuan fang you ask lanxiang

hunting cloud network October 20 (text/teng tree g)

words, it is the Thursday, October 16, 2014, Beijing time 0 o ‘clock in the morning, Google company officially released new Nexus series products, including a new generation of smart phones Nexus6, tablets Nexus9 and new Android TV platform Nexus Player such as three hardware products and formal version of the Android 5.0 code Lollipop translation Lollipop (Android L) the new system.

could not believe that one day this message will be appeared in the media and the homepage of conspicuous position, then each version of the box and the evaluation of the graphic and video will be launched in succession and round eyes. You looking, you and your friends are ready speculation with in hand how haven’t after heat pattern can keep up with the version with new uneasy mood, to watch all kinds of local tyrants seduce? In order to don’t they crash, of course, also not to “crash” iron soldiers “, filled with everyone from nervous today and looking forward to coming out of the base of base state for air.

we want to talk today is very magical, nexus has been out to have 6 this camp, we also collected fast 7 dragon balls called dragon? Ha ha… In fact you want to much, but I can’t to chat phone tablet.

believe that a lot of people like me have such question, since mobile phones have can do more and more big, super this what can retreat to more and more small, why still have flat this freak freak? It is wired imagination.

but after the actual use we see from these years of experience and some application software is really big fees hands, small injured eyes… So it is easy to understand why belong to the nexus series of mobile phones and tablets even named logic is different – a mobile phone is arranged according to produce listed in the order, and plate production line is named after the screen size to directly, so the nexus will launch earlier than the nexus 9 10, but instead the nexus 9 10 more advanced than the nexus. In line with the principle of existence is reasonable, the existence of the tablet is to size the ultimate pursuit of hair products and results of rig.

so, regardless of which tablet is the best this quarrel and don’t talk about offensive, breakfast today insisted he consistent style, show your reader who once crazy resulted from android tablets, they may already old, but like a girl of youth is fleeting, we only look at their youth, and could not help but will be drunk.

I think, the problems that the android tablet, which itself is a false proposition, Li Yuanfang what to see you, DiGuo old how to see you, filled with how can I see you? We will pick up with one of the most recognizable of come on, turnip greens, always have your taste.

first, let’s talk about the body to, this kind of have a MOTOROLA lapdock and asus padphone and its subsequent models.

the lapdock in appearance close to… I will not close to a laptop or personal PC or portable netbook, I saw the market is Lord of chronic insomnia, I would say he looks like the HP home SlateBook 14, the goods is called android notebook, hey hey is the product of the first and the last paragraph is more make the product a dead bird was born.

somehow MOTOROLA to WebTop insist for a long time of research and development and upgrade maintenance, achieved gratifying the highest current version 4.0, burn bag or are interested in can try, finally a built-in WebTop phone models for fat blade 910 Max. This goods both charging and showing function, but there are a big face unexpectedly see 720 p streaming video card and does not support touch, is the big face into a “face”.

and amazing is the HDMI and certain technical condition, don’t we just use the goods of the house of MOTOROLA mobile phone and literally a support HDMI monitor/TV can achieve approximate use effect. It is hehe.

compared with asus are more honest, padphone logic is inserted into a larger screen just so simple and clear, not a delicious change, upgrade, but does not provide significant experience behind, players need to tear open outfit to show off about it.

the second fold to the pattern. We here special launching a from SONY solution good tablet p double screen folding plate, the device no matter from appearance to expand to the interface is very grab an eye, especially when the double screen lights up, under the pop-up screen touch the keyboard, give a person a kind of technology of illusion.

but this design is a huge black border between the two screen visually ruined, 2 it is to be the third party software is almost double screen optimization further difficult, three is the insufficient configuration is not high, or debug using bug repeatedly let people almost use don’t bother to touch a few times.

the third is to the game. We can try to imagine what the inside of the hammer of dark pad on machine version in your hand more glamorous, and then look at breakfast gives you the Razer (Razer) home product conceptual design based on a PC game tablet — Project Fiona.

is instantly think playing nba2014 no longer complain damping are not good. The design of the double rocker is classic 3 DSLL prosthesis and name. How the game experience, I recommend you try it with your thumb and his family will have a rocker support, maybe a nice experience? Hey hey

in fourth place, we talk about SONY’s x5 transparent mobile phone… Uh…… Embarrassed wandering, I mean we talk about transparent tablet. Transparent tablet sounds like a concept of the future, but as long as you work hard nothing is can’t do it.

recently, a company called Grippity, launched a Android tablet with a transparent screen, can be operated from the front and behind the screen, use the experience is, this is can double screen touch tablet 7 “concept, don’t ask me why parameters will not give, I am sure you can’t buy a new smart hey hey.

the fifth, is a cross-border to, this kind of machine is not less, said a casually, that is the world’s first asus posted Windows laptop/android double system, the device can at the same time as tablets and smartphones.

asus Transformer Book V is to maximize the current position of gm products, but also the most successful products asus. Asus Transformer Book V have five use patterns include: Windows laptops, tablet PC, android mobile phone, android tablet, android notebook.

asus Transformer Book V is a 12.5 -inch device, including a full keyboard and touch pad, can run Win8.1 and android 4.4, through a dedicated hardware device button allows the user to switch between the two operating systems. Notebook for Intel processor, 4 gb of RAM and 1 TB storage space.

asus Transformer Book V is used as a tablet, using the same processor and memory, and can reduce to 128 gb storage capacity. Users can also use it as a android smartphone, similar to the Padfone x smartphone, five inch screen, Intel Atom quad-core processor, 2 gb of memory, 64 gb of storage space, support LTE.


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