The android Google Chrome or integration to prevent Microsoft

hunting cloud network October 27 (text/Maximum editor/water Yan)

recently, foreign media reported that the vice-president of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer, has now become the head of the Chrome OS project team. This marks a Google is planning will likely Chrome OS and android merge. Actually earlier this year, there was news that Google is developing to the android Apps run on the Chrome OS application framework.

for a long time, the two systems of Google for people is full of confused, many users questioned the necessity of the Chrome, and they think that android is strong enough, no need to go to develop a system for desktop computer alone.

Google’s old rival, Microsoft has more than one attack Chrome OS need to connected to the Internet to use features, laughing at the computer no Internet carrying Chrome OS is a brick. But these objections do not interfere with Chrome OS in the education market share. Because running Chrome OS computers have cheap, easy management advantages, many schools as the first target of computer education.

in Microsoft Win 10 unity system platform, Google also to guard their good is not easy to accumulation of advantages, to confront the threat.

android is now, Chrome is the future

although I am in now, thanks to its rich resources of the application, android will dominate in the fusion of the future. But that’s not saying, Chrome OS as android. In fact, many analysts say Chrome OS is the chief drawback of it is too advanced. Even in the U.S. now, the popularity of Internet service is also far from Chrome OS expected no matter when and where will always online. In such conditions, with application in processing storage capacity of the android becomes the user’s preferred, of course.

but this situation is only temporary, with the progress of technology, in line with the Chrome OS operating condition of the network environment is being created. Google for city super fiber network technology, as well as balloon oriented in the rural areas of wireless network services are mature under the condition of allowing users 24 hours Online. In the near future, never disconnect the network connection will become necessary for users to life, like now of hydropower. Then, based on the network service of Chrome OS will be the first choice of the user.

desktop performance bottlenecks looms, cloud computing will become dominant

with the progress of process technology, Intel processor performance has reached a vertex, or bottlenecks. The next generation of Broadwell processor is entered the age of 14 nm. As is known to all, the light of the silicon wafer writing ability is a physical limits, this limit will be coming in the near future. Once reached the limit, people want to continue to ascend the desktop equipment performance will become more difficult, not to mention the handheld devices.

so, the future will be large clusters in the age of cloud computing, and we are in the hands of equipment will become a real sense of “the terminal”. The importance of its computing power will be greatly weakened; With the ability of the network connection will become more important performance index. Web application will have a better compatibility, richer functionality, and the performance of the more powerful. Android, Windows. Mac OS will be replaced by a cloud platform.

unified platform, the more experience

, the integration of Chrome OS and android will of both sides will be better to use experience. Chrome OS will get more powerful local experience; Android will be able to integrate Web application from Chrome. More importantly, a unified platform will bring more quick and easy to application developers development environment. For the current fragmentation serious Google system will be a beneficial ecological improvement.

for Google android and Chrome merger is going to be a rather easy to try, it does not need to face the predicament facing Windows camps. From the desktop platform for Windows equipment is old but precious heritage and Modern, WP application is eerie competitive relationship between unified platform has to face the problem; And web-based Chrome OS Web application and the gap between the android application is not so big, development difficulty is also relatively much smaller Windows platform.

but when Google Android products management vice President Brian, he asked, whether or not Android will take over the Chrome platform, he said, “there are currently no plans to change the way the development of the product. Some Chrome platform team were transferred to Hiroshi, reason is that they solve the similar problems, so they work together is justified.”

and operation process, in accordance with the company business adjustment is the first step to be familiar with the work environment, big companies like Google, no one pace reachs the designated position is very normal. Since Google has said so, that suggests that Google has begun to integrate Android, Chrome platform.

many years ago, IBM’s chairman Thomas Watson have answers to tell people: “I think, five computer is enough to meet the world market.” Now it seems we just will look at the words as a joke.

but with the advent of cloud computing, we are surprised to find, represented by large-scale super computer cluster computing model will gradually replace the current domestic host, weight on mobile devices in the treatment of the work tasks.

we will be more and more dependent on Internet companies offer online storage processing services, personal computers are becoming dispensable. Maybe in the future world, five supercomputers can really meet the world market. By then, maybe Watson this sentence will become a true prophecy, that others admire.

today, Google and Microsoft to face competition at present hardware practitioners on how to reform? Microsoft has already come to huaqiang north in advance from the hardware and software ecosystem to support the hardware industry.

Google’s android host has always been only listen to the wind, no rain. In radio and television boxes on the Internet at present, customized android ROM deformation host perhaps will be the trend of the rise of a new, only you can transfer the industry resources to cooperate with each other to make this matter? This is the ecological problems.

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