The and hai-jun huang lu: investors sketch 】 【 barefoot into investment

hunting cloud network (note: this article is about the interview of a new venture capital institutions, involving people, investment, industry and other dry goods. The and hai-jun huang lu has more than 15 years, after departure from ali, “barefoot” into big investment on circle. They were watching a project, but different roles: hai-jun huang in a line of business for a long time, ground operation, executive force is very strong. Lu and all the resources in the traditional industry deeper, more is seeking cooperation for project strategic planning and resources.

concludes: trish

a suit investment conference, peers are showing one investment report, all dressed in casual clothes, lu and hai-jun huang said looked at each other, we may have a chance to do that is not such a report, this is what to do.

the from 8848 to 8848 nets to alibaba’s business partner, with accumulated 30 years of experience in Internet startup founded “the investment”, there is no sea turtles background experience in investment banking, chip is the most important seasoning for many years of actual combat experience and contacts.

“we formed a little way to invest, not be able to write so detailed report also don’t want to, rather than the things we do.” Lu said. So the pair on the “barefoot” into tall investment circles.

departure from ali do investment

the lu and hai-jun huang friendship more than 15 years. After the lu from Microsoft jumped to 8848, the hai-jun huang recruit come in, two people started to work for the first time. Leave after 8848, hai-jun huang to entrepreneurship, the lu in oracle, AMD in succession, and investment in the hai-jun huang founded by two companies (later respectively and handheld informed by air net), started the first business cooperation. Then all the founding shows that network, continue to drag to add into the hai-jun huang.

shows the network in 2008 merged with 2008 nets, 2008 nets by ali in 2009, two people have been cooperation to alibaba. Started 2013 nets is independent of alibaba, in 2013 incorporated into ali cloud, served as vice President of alibaba group, lu hai-jun huang become ali cloud, general manager of business cooperation, later became the general manager ali group wireless business market cooperation.

hai-jun huang has been in the business line, over the past 20 years of his life has been back number, such as nets business, mobile phone taobao downloads every day, every day the spirit of high tension. But in the process of 20 years of entrepreneurship, he feel the Internet’s impact on the ecosystem. After two successful entrepreneurship, hai-jun huang has not through entrepreneurship to prove himself again, it was with his own experience can help more entrepreneurs to succeed, become hai-jun huang biggest dream in life.

hai-jun huang old led the lu is already.

announced in May 2013, Mr Ma resigned as CEO, emphasize the opportunity for young people. Ali internal discussion over 50 executives need to take a back seat, with the experience and resources to help the people in a line. 51 years old this year, 10 years older than hai-jun huang lu the undoubtedly belong to “second line” camps.

liberated from a line of business, in charge of foreign cooperation of the ali business have more time to study. And in the course of his work, both partners operators, and chairman of cheung kong graduate school of business from traditional company the classmates, are often asked the same question: what is the nature of the Internet thinking? Why does the Internet influence so big? What makes the Internet the traditional industry?

the lu through his own experience and experience gives his answer, these friends will then ask solution, and after the solution of the advise again, and were asked to recommend some people to the Internet company to implement. After several sets of similar series of services, the lu found the result is not ideal.

“traditional company gene very exclusive, the Internet and the Internet itself will be to change the traditional enterprise patterns, and even recommended again cattle of Internet to the traditional enterprise, can make traditional industry revolution itself.” Lu said, “I finally agreed and the corporation friends, if they really want to do the Internet, it need to be done outside the system, perfect for investment, if done, again to find a way to incorporate them into to the system or be cooperative.”

this sort of thing happened constantly, lu the understanding to this direction and field the most can reflect their own value.

the idea of doing investment, lu the hai-jun huang and hit it off. From the first time they chat to action is only one month, the first to come up with 10 million yuan, two people name set up “the sea investment”, prepared to troubled thoughts, will roll up your sleeves.

the sea investment positioning is very clear: Internet thinking and technology combines with traditional industry, will create new business models and the huge impact, around this thinking, as long as there are similar opportunities in various fields, brave to invest in.

friends into capital source

when the lu and hai-jun huang after leaving office, once all the investment they aurora borealis expressed support for the first time, and to all the sea investment invest 10 million yuan to become the LP, the two sides together for project investment.

it also solves the problem of the early stage of the sea: both are not financial legal origins, in addition to their current team is an assistant, finalise the project after a series of professional services, it will depend on the aurora borealis to coordinate processing.

the lu and hai-jun huang also had the opportunity to encounter Deng Kangming. Deng Kangming join alibaba in 2004, following ma nine years, has been responsible for human resources work, ali is a senior vice President of alibaba group, a former alibaba group chief talent officer.

in 2013 after leaving the ali, Deng Kangming founded the consulting, help form a complete set of strategic transformation to solve human system and Internet problems. Deng Kangming also invest through 10 million yuan to become the sea of LP, the office with all the investments.

all the investments LP list, and ali, tencent well-known Internet companies such as the names of executives of listed companies and chairman of the board of directors. But it is only the last 200 million yuan of funds, the largest source of funds is the lu and hai-jun huang “friends”.

after completed his resignation procedures at the end of June, the lu and hai-jun huang respectively explained in a simple circle of friends, learned that they are going to do investment, lu the cheung kong graduate school of business students, hai-jun huang central European business school students thumb up, leave a message said “finally have an acquaintance do investment”, many are said to become investors.

this is especially obvious in lu and all the classmates, these traditional chairman of the board of directors of listed companies or the boss see Internet myth, eager to participate. The lu knows Internet startup success behind a thousands of pour out, he and everyone who want to invest serious conversation, emphasizes the high risk in the first, second promise not return, the third if investment failure will affect the life of money don’t vote.

in the persuasion, lu had three classmates promised to investment to give up.

the lu with aurora borealis Tan Zhi venture partners are friends for many years, often play golf together, whenever they talked about a startup project, Tan Zhi will give many Suggestions. Let lu the kink in some projects, Tan Zhi would recommend look at the big trend, and then see the team, but he believes that investment composition, but also has the probability component, after all, the team’s executive force is the key, but a lot of time execution may be changing.

the sea before the investment with alibaba executives wei jia royal fund set up (the main investment after series B) also have cooperation. Wei suggested the and hai-jun huang lu see within six months, the cast less don’t even vote. “These good words, we are always remember”, lu said.

“our money from a friend, so we treat every project particularly cautious.” Lu the regrets. Over the past six months venture capital market like a crazy hot, under the advice of friends, the lu and desire for yellow sea live their investment arms control system, four months while looked at more than 200 projects, but in the end only a few, and each of the right-of-way industry friends to check first, in order to reduce the risk of blindness.

project from the same circle of friends. Status to ali, a former employee, hai-jun huang soon joined ali departing employees organization before the “orange”, and become the organizers of the Beijing will before the “orange” activities, ali habit called “small 2”. In public service for ali to leave students work at the same time, want to do poineering work will come into contact with or in entrepreneurship students, often exchange business and finance together. While the hai-jun huang and micro letter, every day there are many familiar people introduced projects, two people will turn to talk.

ground: two complementary

 hai-jun huang in a line of business for a long time, ground operation, executive force is very strong, not afraid to make mistakes. Lu and all the resources in the traditional industry deeper, more is seeking cooperation for project strategic planning and resources. (the last row second right and right three respectively hai-jun huang and many) Hai-jun huang in a line of business for a long time, ground operation, executive force is very strong, not afraid to make mistakes; Lu and all the resources in the traditional industry deeper, more is seeking cooperation for project strategic planning and resources. (the last row second right and right three respectively hai-jun huang and all)

although the initial investment will be a little worried, but the lu and hai-jun huang soon find their own advantage.

inspired by alibaba ecological architecture, and the sea set up a system of incubation: Deng Kangming team to solve the problem of human, perennial legal cooperative law firms to solve the problem, the lu and hai-jun huang was born, know that how a company starting from 0 to do, how to solve the problem of different stages, they mainly responsible for solving business problems, such as strategy, and team building.

“we set up an ecological environment, entrepreneur need to do business only.” Lu said. Although the watch project with hai-jun huang lu, investment after two people also have different roles: hai-jun huang in a line of business for a long time, ground operation, executive force is very strong, not afraid to make mistakes; Lu and all the resources in the traditional industry deeper, more is seeking cooperation for project strategic planning and resources.

such collaboration is also flawed, however, the current investment quantity and hai-jun huang lu can be less, but more than the amount when you need industry data judgment, so they are still looking for a strong ability of analysis of the financial background of the partners, to ensure more rational investment.

in Beijing fair village of Beijing international building, rented a floor of the sea investment half layer, the and hai-jun huang lu an office, each other all used to incubate entrepreneurial teams. Such as in the former orange will be found to entrepreneurship students, all the sea provide free office space, not importune must invest, but I hope the product can make give priority to looking at it.

car maintenance O2O platform “raise car” is the unique product of investment way, sea keep leaving employees yu-bo wang, founder of the car is ali before in alibaba has been a sales management position, with the idea of entrepreneurship, found it difficult to find the right products and technical personnel. Find the sea investment, lu zhong and hai-jun huang also agree with the direction of the automobile maintenance O2O, but such a lame team is no matter how to also can not meet the standard of investment. According to the practice of traditional VC, the case will be Pass away in a minute.

the and hai-jun huang lu before investment did one thing: fasten ali left out is good product and technical staff introduce yu-bo wang, let them talk about good cooperation intention and shares, after a good team. This project all the sea angel investment 5 million yuan, with the northern lights project start the second month after the service the customer number has reached several hundred.

relative to hold hundreds of millions of dollars of funds, the sea is only small money 200 million yuan, so the lu and hai-jun huang to fund positioning is very clear also, pitch angel rounds or Pre – A round, single investment as far as possible within 5 million yuan.

on each project, all the and hai-jun huang lu have a veto, but even the old familiar foundation, two people also can have differences. But differences focus is not on the team and talent, and on the project.

like hai-jun huang children in elementary school, he very interested in children’s education class project, but all the kids have graduated work, look at all the relevant project didn’t feel. In addition the like playing golf, he think some golf APP worth the investment, but hai-jun huang did not feel.

both the solution is to let the other party involved in this project, continuously all participation and team meeting, discussion, let two people to understand the project at the same level.

the sense that it is wrong to feel

in hai-jun huang, a tea table in the office if there are entrepreneurs to make an appointment with, hai-jun huang would say: “brother, do to the tea, what are you, are you going to do.” Usually this tea table can make tea to drink 4 a day, 4, 5, dial the entrepreneurs can chat.

do business background are too easy to have the sense, describes the entrepreneur hai-jun huang often listen to, stand up away behind the blackboard, start to write the main points, such as if it is do by yourself. , of course, this is not the premise of hai-jun huang investment, purely advice, after listening is inspired, but many entrepreneurs hai-jun huang this feel particularly valuable.

a wealth of experience, and ali wireless business accumulated resources, become hai-jun huang win investment weights, but also let he made many mistakes in the early.

like making investment in the first month, hai-jun huang very excited every day, feel so good each project. Later hai-jun huang and think it is wrong, when all the communication how can each project. The very direct said hai-jun huang lu role has a problem, hai-jun huang also disenchanted: “my customary when entrepreneurs themselves, each about a project, I supposed I was doing, even want to run to find who to do, to find who to do technology, this matter how to do it.”

isn’t everyone’s hai-jun huang. “You let them do, you again, and then look unreliable.” Lu the hai-jun huang said. Of course the sense that things often occur in lu the body, especially to have investment company, said he always wanted to meet with each other 1234 how to do next.

do investment in the second month, the lu and hai-jun huang in order to gradually find the feeling. They were also in reflection, shouldn’t be so deeply to intervene, and after the project is much, also don’t have time to have involved in so much energy. More importantly, if everything had to investors to participate in to invest in a company, that means the wrong people.


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