The age of five small companies to the market value of $60 billion of EMC delightfully dismount

EMC is a market capitalisation of more than $60 billion, storage services giant corporation.

but in some ways but will disturb by some startups, EMC, behind also has a lot of young and eyeing companies are chasing it, one is Pure Storage. The start-up has just set up five years has received $470 million in financing, market valuations reached $3 billion at the same time.

Pure Storage pointed out, their total income last year increased by 8 times, and this growth is highest in the history of the Storage industry. When you are in the field of storage high speed rise, also means that you are so or so to eat “lunch” belongs to the EMC.

“in the confrontation with any company, we are more than 75% chance of winning. In terms of market share, our biggest competitor is EMC company.” Pure Storage company President David hart field, said in an interview.

although EMC are still to be the king of the traditional storage market, but it is facing a full flash SSD drive (SSD) on the market of fierce competition. Information technology research and analysis firm Gartner predicts that by 2017, the storage way will account for 20% of the traditional high-end storage arrays. Flash storage type and is used in the same USB device or smartphone, but its performance and speed was 10 times higher than the latter, at the same time than the commercialization of hard disk drives occupy less space.

hatfield said, Pure Storage is one of the biggest challenges of flash memory efficiency. He said: “our biggest challenge is to make people realize that, our products are reliable than mechanical drive 50 times, but actually spending less money.” Pure Storage have signed the contract of sale with various companies, such as LinkedIn, Workday such big business, traditional retailers like Sears and Gap. At the same time, the Pure Storage company and the United States, the CIA and the city of davenport, Iowa has business dealings.

so Pure Storage company what is the secret of success? Hatfield said, is simply a software. Pure Storage software for flash memory than traditional hard disk in the protection of data compression is more reliable and better to use, and ahead of the competition. In fact, released in August “magic quadrant” flash memory arrays rankings, Gartner will Pure Storage as with EMC and IBM Storage areas of the three leaders of the same level.

Pure Storage success is another sign of EMC, many former employees of the company to the company. Last year, EMC Sue Pure Storage and 44 job-hopping employees, accusing them of stealing EMC company’s intellectual property rights and trade secrets, also confirms this point.

“I think the existing enterprise will do everything they can to reduce the pace of innovation and adapt to the market rate. But obviously, the enterprise employees more interested to the innovation and development.” Hatfield said.

Pure Storage currently has 750 employees worldwide, including Fidelity and t. Rowe Price the market investors for a long time. Pure Storage days from may. Hatfield, refused to comment on any IPO, but he said the company operates like a listed company, and as a listed company to provide report to shareholders.

just Pure Storage company, EMC responded:

on many topics Pure Storage is very exaggerated, including its market position related to EMC. Analysts agree that EMC is a leader in the field of the flash memory. And EMC will continue to provide market leading in the second generation of development planning of research results, and these results are also direct strongly refuted the Pure Storage. We believe that the Pure Storage’s latest statement does not go in for the rumours of IPO hype.


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