The 360 merger wisdom key and the fast button, although independent operation, but the end is

before writing, history, from the early 360 intelligence conference key and the fast button merger, two team already working together. Fast button team moved to 360 office tower, according to the general logic of big companies acquire small companies, think fast button key should m&a. The fast button team also became a 360 person. Products subject to the general direction of 360 strategy is inevitable.

back now: quick button and 360 key department formally announced a merger. Fast button has moved to wangjing SOHO office, wisdom key business from 360, to the fast button independent operation, fast button founder li gang unified management.

“why mergers and acquisitions are not nice. Besides the first 360 wisdom key is just a concept, there is not even prototype, or fast button solution finally. Quick button is doing business, key is the snipers do strategy. People into less reasonable, more accurately, 360 investment in the fast button team, investment the fast button, by the way this product.

tree is cool, but also indirectly by strategy. Fast button at first flagship is convenient, quick start, user-oriented also belongs to the C side, but the future is to be able to focus on cooperation with the manufacturers, customize the exclusive function of the shortcut button. It is 360 key using the fast button solution and will free strategy directly to consumers. Do quick union announced at the meeting – joint more than 100 mainstream service class APP, a key to provide faster operating experience, main campus market.

actually, in the end, the key goal is to distribute mobile applications in the field of intelligent hardware platform. This also conforms to the 360 entry strategy. Through wisdom key distributing free access to the user, by helping APP makers display applications, download to flatten out the hardware cost.

although on the surface of wisdom key and the fast button merger and maintain independent operation, but it don’t worry will become 360 try distribution of entry strategy pioneer in the field of hardware. Independent development of the moment, lead long to walk in the strategic level was 360, so the conference should not be a double bond merge, should be 360 hardware distribution platform strategy will test the waters. But see the fast button is also moving 360 building independent office, inside this delicate compromise uncompromising taste is quite worth play. You know, 360 mobile phone and router has failed, all hardware genes, have to outsiders.

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