The 2015 global innovation grand prix, in view of the project is likely to lose, they are to have any meaning?

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entrepreneurship roadshow is a what state now? Roadshow, the high quality project too little. Including investors and entrepreneurs to some of the time is in a pattern, just everybody tacitly.

exactly speaking, there is no power out of the roadshow good projects. But, in a scene, if international entrepreneurship competition they may think about it. Does domestic entrepreneurship competition a lot of international competition.

by cheng jing mother fund launched its 2015 global innovation awards contest, be a good entrepreneur activities around the world. Officials say overall activity, has nearly 10 start-ups to participate in the grand prix. Hunting cloud network is the global entrepreneurship services partner in the entrepreneurship competition.

this contest in order to “innovation, capital and internationalization” as the theme, were set up in China, the United States, Israel, Europe, Latin America and other global more than one division, which in China is divided into north China, east China and south China division. World’s division of primary and semi-finals will be June 1-2015, during the global innovation awards the finals will be held in Beijing in August 2015, at the same time will also be international business festival held ten thousand people.

but to a focus on startup, the service startup hunting cloud network media platform, we do not focus on which projects will eventually get pure cash award $1.5 million (not total equity). Instead, we focus on what doesn’t qualify start-ups as well as the team behind. Because we have got used to lift the trophy winner. And for those who don’t know if I may be the green leaves of entrepreneurial teams, they participate in the meaning of the event cannot be stopped.

in view of the roadshow failure of entrepreneurial teams, organizers of cheng jing interconnected or and other entrepreneurship competition organizers of different measures. The whole, more inclusive, and more humanized.

roadshows and website backstage entrepreneurs project data in detail, cheng jing will be as much as possible in the case of not involving trade secrets to participate in the investor has a full understanding. roadshow unsuccessful does not lead to lost connection and platform in the investment institutions. Offline access to much. The worst is special investment agency personnel to the project team, give advice. Or just entrepreneurs to shine on the pyramid, the competition meaning will be discounted. the purpose of this competition is to connect the world. For entrepreneurs, investors and entrepreneurs, overseas investors do communication, communication, do the collision of ideas on entrepreneurship.

the cheng jing global innovation awards in addition to setting the pure cash award $1.5 million without equity returns, ChengJingJia into mother also offers the promise of $15 million investment fund, participate in the innovation of cooperative joint intention of incubator and VC investment is not less than 150 million dollars.

this contest, actually can be seen as both local VC at sea, and entrepreneurs to view out to sea. Angel investment abroad is the institution, and the more China or personal angel investment to give priority to. Hope that domestic personal angel investment institutions to angel investment development, the competition can play a role.

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