That sounds good Haier like Google do android do intelligent household

hunting cloud network October 24 (word/water Yan)

yesterday, haier in shenzhen for a smart home developers BBS, demonstrated their haier saif investment platform, platform and U + developers themselves in AllSeen Alliance leadership position in the league. Supposed to intelligent household industry in 320 million into platform developers support funds, in xiao yun slower brain leng two seconds later, found that after the money to yourself it doesn’t matter, “oh, this investment is not much.”

the haier’s wisdom is the core of this meeting U + life open platform, full name is: the wisdom of the world’s first open living ecosystem — U + intelligent life open platform.

following decomposition are three parts:

U + intelligent household investment platform HOPE — haier in order not to let the market selection, also learn from the Internet ceos, start money hiring to recognize a son. Hardware can entrepreneurs to the platform for money.

U + channel platform, through online channels, haier for U + platform products marketing.

U + developer platform – this part including haier’s own SDK support software function, hardware manufacturing research and development related technology industry chain to be Shared. The docking haier’s developer platform, only calls related to the SDK, can realize remote control haier electrical appliances, and other function call haier development. After U + developers in platform can be directly obtained haier rich manufacturing production technical support.

in addition also introduced AllSeen Alliance technology Alliance. This alliance function similar to AOSP (android open source project), but there is more of a hardware technology sharing cooperation. Alliance members of a total of 26, including top, a total of seven members, including haier, qualcomm, panasonic, LG, sharp, TP – Link, Silicon image. Alliance’s AllSeen developer community platform have a large number of technical standards, code of alliance members sharing.

haier also set up their own developer platform — sea net. Developers can on the platform SDK, to get a lot of haier development of haier docking based on intelligent family of related functions. Developers can in this community in U + platform, get more hardware and software service and consulting.

U + haier android model?

when Google makes android, that is, by their search, E-mail, maps, YouTube, and so on user base, active great outstanding high viscosity, thus “with the user and to the emperor”, the first step to win the widespread support for hardware manufacturers, AOSP was established as well, this is going on.

haier currently go Google was the first step to build the android. On their own a wide range of channels, category of household appliances, based on the user to add channels to enhance their own influence.

however, although haier in AllSeen inside the Alliance, the Alliance has been member of the “top” of the position, but with Google first completely in the AOSP leader stance also far. So the haier development of open software and hardware platform, in the hope to come again a “with the developers to the emperor”, in order to gain the initiative advantage.

this is the real purpose of haier do U +, make U + a smart home inside of android, as in the upstream of the industry, “in charge”, without market with cramps, oneself have a fever, let your business be more stable.

at haier introduction and shows some docking platform products, such as GE lighting, blue letter kang sphygmomanometer, wisdom, smart watches, Risco XiShan air purifier, soil security suit, Power – tech intelligent socket, Picooc body fat meter, access to these products after U + platform, can achieve across different brands, categories of connectivity, unified management, data and resource sharing.

the interconnectivity effect is good, the standard unification, also more stable.

but smart home only effective connectivity is still far from enough, like mobile phones, PC operating system, it is just the file agreement to solve, more based on the application of haier, how should handle? This is the difficulty.

a lot of technology hardware niche, haier in the field of how to ensure a future developers to do big, avoid to put on a farmer and the snake, like android and custom ROM, that is the question.

but in the home appliance industry, especially electricity, channels, supply chain is almost impossible to be reversed any time soon. In the domestic market increasing influence, haier has the advantage of internationalization, the accumulation of haier may have enough time.

this is a technical, supply chain, channel three directions of the game, fine branch of any one direction is likely to be at the early stage of the industry, successful “trouble”, every host. Is that you?

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