Thai flute washing won $10 m B round, sequoia capital investment

online washing O2O service website flute catharsis, today announced the news: has received thousands of millions of dollars in B round led by sequoia capital financing. In July, flute washing for yuan wo origin being A round of funding.

flute washing was found at the end of 2012, is a online cleaning service company, and to provide 24 hours free door-to-door pick up the clothes, send clothes service. By mobile phone APP order booking, users only need to access the online laundry, wash the shoes, wash, wash protect luxury goods, household items, such as one-stop cleaning services, and own the door closed to send clothes, wash after payment.

ty flute self-built washing the central factory, has its own laundry washing different from traditional brand model, as an independent third party service providers, from the perspective of the self-built logistics, Thai flute washing can bring washing contract orders, create profits, break through the limitations of its own brand, brand range covered benefit makes washing industry.

why sequoia capital is finally with headquarters in Shanghai’s flute washing, sequoia capital China cen thought, managing director of the king, laundry, as one of the entrance of community O2O O2O areas, will be the major investment institutions of the core areas of competition, and Thai flute washing jump to establish the central washing factory thinking, with independent third party, so as to improve the user experience is valued by sequoia.

recently cen wang had personally participate in Thai flute washing to push work, washing his Thai flute team performance, he said, before the sequoia intervention, Thai flute washing has begun to take shape in Shanghai, strong team execution, has really turned up by the wheel of the entire business.

ty flute washing Yao Zong founder is a serial entrepreneur, founded bain advertising, P2P lending platform ha ha, there are three people at his team of advisers, including his angels and seed founder ShiDan ji, a former yahoo! Kimo CEO He Yingqi.

at present, the Thai flute washing main business in Shanghai. In early October this year to launch the APP voice after order, flute cut off the function of WeChat and web site order, just leave a mobile phone APP order channel. Ty flute washing order quantity explosion three times a day, month orders over 30000. Its users ages between 25 to 45 years old, is above the average main community and near the subway home users.

in the face of fierce competition, Yao Zong field, after last year’s pilot in Shanghai, the model has been relatively mature, are all precipitation in washing quality and door-to-door service, good quality and experience which can realize the rapid replication and expansion in other cities, B after a round of funding, Thai flute washing have made inroads into other second-tier cities to speed up the pace.

ty flute washing founder: three business profit and loss

Yao Zong field was born in 1983, has three times serial entrepreneur. Founded in 2005, bain advertising, this let him earn 2 million RMB business principal. Was founded in 2009 in the light of the P2P lending platform students ha ha, let him penniless. In 2012, he began his third startup – online washing laundry website flute.

ty flute washing is located in Shanghai, in July this year from investment through along abundant express investment institutions receive 10 million RMB yuan wo origin. A round of funding. As the world’s first online laundry, received $10.5 million in June, A round of the laundry Washio application but also in flute appeared after washing.

Yao Zong field is a very likes thinking and good at with people. There are three people at his team of advisers, are older than him, including his angels and seed founder ShiDan ji, a former yahoo! Kimo CEO He Yingqi. Yao Zong every week will phone calls with them to discuss how to solve the problem, and the team is growing. He also rely on oneself fumble a warehouse location model is established, with this model is chosen to address every time in McDonald’s, starbucks nearby, the transportation is convenient.

Yao Zong readme:

first startup (ads)

my university is art, art is a very expensive professional, so I have been in the outside part-time job during university. What is done, at that time also in big summer to brush a billboard.

I stayed in two advertising company after graduation, but found that domestic didn’t do the creative company. So in 2003, 2003 years or so, I will start your own business, made a creative company. Because I study early, around 20 years old when he began to entrepreneurship.

when many advertising companies to find customers are looking for a relationship, give rebate. Our cow force is characterized by originality, but could not find weakness is relationship, give rebate.

then we can think a idea, to advertise themselves. We in the “Forbes” magazine, the economic observer, put their own ads. Because creativity is very good, some foreign companies to take the initiative to seek son let’s advertising.

for foreign companies to do creative, it is a good idea. Because the international advertising company in China is too slow, to change is to two or three days; And it’s too expensive, thousands of pieces of a page, do offer millions of big case.

in order to solve the language problem we find some people who returned from abroad. We rely on with the other company than creativity, as a result, by 2009, the French tourism bureau, the Canadian association of animal husbandry, citi bank, most of the world’s top enterprises have become our customers.

but by the end of 2009, I want to do something else. Because for the whole industry, creative environment is bad, what matter all want to listen to party a’s, no dignity. And advertising can be replication is not strong, increase the project will have to increase the manpower, it is hard to do.

it was the time that traditional advertising through Internet advertising impact.

running during some international advertising company is going to buy us, but pay little, and sell after also continue to do in it. I don’t want to continue to do in this industry. Then leave the company with other colleagues, with a given more than two hundred yuan to do something else.

second entrepreneurship (P2P)

advertising company, and we found a lot of people in the contact of the bank need the money. After leaving the advertising company, my first idea is to do the Internet financial, is the first domestic P2P lending platform ha ha.

a lot of my colleagues bought with money. I put my make all of the 2 million in advertising company into a ha ha. In its first year also took an angel round, 60% of the shares.

do haha although I has no experience in financial loan, but because of the strict risk control, the bad debt rate achieved zero. But I don’t have much company management experience at that time, the second year I burnt all the money. Is originally investors want to throw A round of the second year, but as A result of an angel round stock is too big, it is difficult to make A round. Investors had advised me to start again do a P2P platform, but I don’t want to do so. Is completely out of the ha ha.

the third entrepreneurship (laundry)

do Thai flute washing at the end of 2012, I’m broke.

after months investigation determined to do online after washing laundry Thai flute, a problem was to find people to do site.

my grandpa is an old army, the Korean grandpa’s infection, since I was young, I worship MAO zedong, feel nothing to do. I downloaded a few teaching video, followed video to write the code for 3 months, the tai flute washing version at the earliest. That version encounter a number of orders too much would collapse.

in 2013, is the lack of money, but no one shot.

in order to do Thai flute washing, I do designed to keep people outside the company. Because I was advertising circle at that time is more famous, do a LOGO can cost thousands. BTW, yao yonghe soya-bean milk, wine brand image is my design. Is to rely on, so that the company until 2014.

the RMB 2014 YiKai grain origin gives us A round of 10 million RMB.

this is the company managed to supply the ammunition. We immediately add warehouse point, research and development of App, spread to Beijing, nanjing and other channels, and also played a public relations campaign, was hunting.

venture to acme, fast

experience to say, I this is three times after startup. I think a startup company to compete with large companies, the key is to do two things.

one is to be able to do it well. Big companies plate shop is too big, can’t do very extreme, in every field that is entrepreneurial opportunities. For example, we are peers encirclement and suppression, only after I receive my order, we can send someone to take a single.

2 it is fast. Many people of my evaluation is fast, malicious. All investors mutual evaluation are to me, have a passion.

my grandfather from training I 5 minutes after the meal. Job is also to yonghe soya-bean milk design brand image, customers are not satisfied with plan a little bit. On the evening of the four of us made a dozen ideas, finally won the project. In the summer I also send to send member of our team to go to military training. Is to do it fast.

but I think I am different with others, problems encountered in the entrepreneurial process, never discouraged, always believe in yourself. I think, is it not enough trial and error, response fast enough.

entrepreneurship is not bitter, but the loneliness

how bitter say entrepreneurship, in fact, I don’t think entrepreneurship in the process of the most bitter, but it’s lonely. Founder is standing in front of the trend, but most people are in hindsight for trend. Family, investors, colleagues don’t understand, can let a founder of loneliness.

but in the process of entrepreneurship also let some of the changes of my character. I become more and more rational, began to learn to speak in the data. Advertising company, I want to do one thing is big, fast, dry. Do to push but now, I’ll do a pilot, compute a pilot need how many, how much is the price, continue to find a correct mode, copy on a large scale again.

I think entrepreneurship to entrepreneurial success will be tolerance for solitude, the other is to hold on to the end.

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