Testing a blood cancer just smoke? Big data medical so magic!

early found early treatment, is we know the best way to cure cancer. That is why, over the years, the people of a certain age always rain or shine to regularly check, by shooting and a series of uncomfortable physical examination project to detect prostate cancer and breast cancer, and so on.

however, other such as brain cancer, ovarian cancer, leukemia and lymphoma, and so on millions of cancer how to be found in advance? There is no physical habits of those millions of teenagers, even if the possibility of cancer has been shown to them is greater than adults.

the other cancer diagnosis method is both dangerous and expensive, so most of the patients with cancer until the body collapse realize oneself suffer from cancer. Wait until that time, already too late.

the easiest assay method

by the above reasons, the company created a Miroculu can easy through a simple blood test to check the medical equipment of all kinds of cancer. Miroculu Miriam, this product with low cost and open source in the last week at the TED conference in Rio DE janeiro, and TED conference chairman Chris Anderson called “TED one of history’s most impressive products”

the company from the world’s top entrepreneurs, a microbiologist and data analysis, the goal is to make use convenient Miriam, let and small clinics around the world, those without training may also use it. At present the product is still in the early stage, but if it passed the experiment is successful, the early Miroculus cancer detection method can be a simple blood test.

a biological early warning signal

Miroculus technology is based on micro RNA, which is a kind of can be used as a biological early warning signal of small molecules, it illustrates the body of the present situation of its existence. So, since they were first discovered in 1993 was used as an effective warning signs of disease, including cancer.

but over the years, researchers concluded that the micro RNA was found only in cells, so it as biological signal utilization rate is not high. But in 2008, a group of researchers found in the blood found in the micro RNA, greatly appealed to those who see micro RNA is the key to detect early cancer scientists.

Fay Christodoulou is one of the researchers. The molecular microbiologist from Greece, she was in the years after the evolution process of micro RNA effects, turn your attention to study the connection between the micro RNA and thyroid cancer. Last year, she decided to join the Singularity of the university of a study subject, the subject is one of silicon valley innovation incubation program, to encourage people to spend 10 weeks of time to complete a enough to affect 100 million people in the business ideas.

she gathered including Chilean entrepreneurs Alejandro Tocigl, biologists Israeli Israel, Chile doctor Pablo Olivares, panama, founder of the multiple enterprises Ferran Galindo, and Mexico’s electronic engineer and Mexico state-owned enterprise civic innovation, a former general manager Jorge halted, many people.

by they formed a team, and eventually developed into the core of Miriam backbone.

Christodoulou said, “like the one in 10 weeks to internalize inaction, basically not possible. But in my experience, they were told the world that they start first for strong, let you don’t spent 10 years in the study. Or existing tools you use, but it will be a whole new way together.”

not reengineering “wheel”

Miriam make many of the existing research about the science of micro RNA and cancer capitalization. You can prepare a blood sample, such as using existing RNA extraction equipment or Miroculus “hybrid” (another method is to use for testing). Then, it can be as long as you are ready to sample the blood drip into the orifice 96 – this was Christodoulou claims to be the company’s “secret weapon”

every hole with Miroculus all patent done pretreatment of biological engineering technology, to lure for micro RNA associated with cancer detection. Miroculus devices only $500, its true profit is, in fact, these tests must use 96 – well plates.

after orifice plate full sample, you can put it in, and start making chemical reaction. When the micro RNA appeared, orifice plate began to shine. The brighter the orifice plate, the more micro RNA. Reaction will be done in one hour, and the results sent to cloud processing system. After that, the system will be according to the brightness of the orifice plate to determine the types of micro RNA in the sample. What kind of micro RNA and results with the database corresponding to match the information of what kind of cancer. Then the system will make a diagnosis.

in this wonderful journey, the team has completed an experiment, they are using the above method in the experiment on rats found the cancer cells. We are now working on a decentralized system, one of the biggest challenges is to make the equipment complete enough, such ability to extend its user groups to all over the world no matter whether has perfect testing conditions of those without training.

data! Data! or data!

the company by Tocigl, Christodoulou and halted in full-time management. It must set up the current database to read data to ensure system accuracy. Muneesh Tewari found in the blood for the first time as a member of the team of micro RNA, and at the Fred Hutchinson cancer research center, have their own institute, he is now making the new action.

according to what he says, the micro RNA test the biggest challenge is that it not only in blood cancer symptoms, if people take aspirin or suffer from respiratory infections, they will also find the micro RNA in the blood. So, in order to ensure the accuracy, Miroculus not only need to figure out how to test results mean that cancer, also must know the status of the health, medicine and other environmental factors will affect and change the results.

Tewari says: “everyone has a very much blood biomarkers, but we don’t know which one is the source of a deadly. The next big challenge is that when the untrained people to use the device how to ensure the accuracy of test results.”

Miroculus is very clear, the data in a certain sense and Miriam behind the core can be just as important. “We actually is a big data company, and our core value will reflect the data obtained in our information, reflect on how we get the data and how to make a diagnosis.” Tocigl said.

the Miroculus target user positioning is not a doctor or other medical workers, but in general the vendors, because if the user is a doctor, then the United States food and drug inspection bureau, the FDA will investigate it in the patient’s clinical response. Because the user upload testing data, so Miroculus will be able to collect a large number of data about the micro RNA. Maybe after many years, Miroculus collected enough data, until that time Miroculus by the FDA to expand Miriam in the field of medical supplies. At that time, Miroculus will continue to debug equipment and will study to expand to the outside of the European molecular biology laboratory in Germany in Birmingham.

new definition about cancer

Tewari says this kind of method is great, and he believes Miroculus because it USES the latest technology to solve the problem, to refine the latest technology, even the way of investigation are very fashionable. “I think two tasks at the same time, only solve these two problems at the same time can really change the world.”

then, he put forward a very interesting ideas, early found early treatment has long been considered the most effective cancer treatments that view now in the medical dispute is very large. Since last year, a group of experts from the national cancer institute (NCI) and even began to call for the world to make definition to “cancer”.

their dispute stems from science has confirmed that in some cases we think the “cancer” are harmless, such as duct carcinoma in situ, it won’t cause harm is one kind of breast cancer. If we continue to call these “cancer”, will only make the patients unnecessary heart under pressure. Then force them to do too much unnecessary surgery and treatment. Conventional cancer detection, such as Miroculus, it is likely to be diagnosed with excessive harmless “cancer”.

“found the problem in time this will significantly reduce mortality all over the world, but we can’t naively think timely found symptoms must be a problem.”

then he also said, don’t let this fear hindered the development of early cancer control method. “Establishing a sufficiently accurate and by non-professionals operating system. This idea will bring boundless energy and disruptive change!”


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