Tesla open source patent, just look is good for Chinese car companies

hunting cloud network October 24 (text/Maximum editor/water Yan)

on October 14, tesla’s global vice President, China Wu Bixuan said in an interview, as the tesla’s patents have been completely open, Chinese enterprises can use tesla technology for free.

“can be seen today, any enterprise tesla’s patents, patent are open to us, and have the detailed material, everyone can go to study.”

samsung apple’s patent wars just pause, nvidia and samsung, qualcomm graphics patent lawsuit is still in play, tesla was so “generous” will be opened their own patent. Patent has always been considered to be the core of modern enterprise competitiveness, general science and technology enterprises to protect all too late, but why tesla dare to open source for your free use of the most important assets?

free patent, salute XiangXianXian

don’t talk about business, putting aside, believe any a man who went to high school physics should know “tesla” besides is electric vehicles, or a famous scientist inventor nikola tesla, alternating current (ac).

in order to commemorate the Tesla’s contribution in electromagnetics, the lines of magnetic force density unit in physics (1 Tesla=10000 Gause) is also named “Tesla.” Tesla in his later years made have to give up the decision of the patent for alternating current (ac), at the time, this is a nearly astronomical earnings. Someone once, if you don’t give up an alternating current patent tesla, a year later, he could become the richest man in the world.

as you can imagine, Elon Musk’s decision is likely to be largely inspired by the tesla a move, he would, after all, “tesla” all registered name in their company, can see his admiration of the great scientist. By this means to salute his worship of sages, Elon Musk is very hard.

electric vehicle standards war rages tesla powers

in the United States, gm, ford, both the early developed its own standard of electric vehicles, and vigorously promote, in order to the entire income under electric market. For tesla, its influence in the field of traditional automobile manufacture is difficult to the equal of the two.

once the market chose the two standard of electric, means that their products will be on the road of the city. Even had to join the opponent’s camp, losing the tesla electric worked so hard to establish the leading position and good reputation. What is this Elon Musk is not willing to see.

in China, because of the country for electric cars has yet to formulate corresponding industry standards, for Elon Musk, is a piece of virgin land without the development of China. So when his visit, he actively visited China’s relevant departments, in order to promote their charging standards.

for China, tesla’s open source technology also has great appeal. Although there are many domestic enterprises have developed their own electric cars, but these automakers technology in terms of stability and security of the tesla and gap.

while China is unlikely to accept directly from the tesla electric standard, but tesla open patent was able to move from the Chinese government’s support and good will, and even offer certain policy support in terms of tariffs.

joint of small and medium-sized factories, break through the technical problems

for electric vehicle manufacturing enterprises, has long been the most difficult problem is the practical short battery life. Tesla to develop the battery management technology, charging technology, new battery technology can give other enterprises to provide a relatively mature solution.

although the idea is not very perfect, but tesla hope can through projects, concentrate the power to break through the difficulties of small and medium-sized manufacturers. If successful, this technology will promote the great development of the whole electric car market, as one of the leaders, tesla will get huge gains.

– ting the pressurized development, tesla fight

many people worry that in the near future, open up their own patent tesla will be how to compete with other car companies adopt the technology of their own. Especially some car companies from Asia, often can produce a price far below the tesla product (you don’t have to to state-owned automakers so hopeful).

but because directly adopted from tesla technology, these car companies r&d costs can be very low. Tesla if you want to lead in the market, you have to pay more energy, more cost to research new technologies.

but for tesla be not a good thing, always has been beyond the crisis of the company maintained entrepreneurial mindset will for a long time. Technology enterprise and relying on others is always one day will be eliminated by the market.

is an English proverb which says (saying) : if you want to climb over a wall, to throw your hat in the past. Now the tesla will throw “hat” in the past, it can turn the word “wall” let’s wait and see.

and tesla also in threshold, further research and development of new technology in the future if according to the trend of competition, a heart will not be open new barrier technology, and also have no what can’t, after all the tesla has yet to sign any specific provisions, requirements of tesla all patent must be open in the future. Have such contract, even if later on related companies in China but this car on saline-alkali land, the local tyrants are able to get the contract?

for long-term dependence on imported technology of domestic automakers, tesla’s patents for free is a mouth-watering meal. But definitely not delicious meal. In addition to chew, swallow, digest it, I think more important is to learn how to make the meal.

tesla’s generosity is not infinite, only truly master powerful r&d ability of the company can survive in the harsh market environment. Domestic car market because of steel manufacturing process, policy control is more serious, obvious state-owned components, system rigidity and became a huge obstacle.

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