Tencent wide click-through director zhang, co-founded egrets engine

, according to people familiar with the wide tencent click-through marketing director and Discuz! Vice President zhang, who left before choosing a business in the field of mobile games.

a few days ago, zhang through WeChat was confirmed by the media friends, tencent entrepreneurship is added. It is reported that zhang will, as a founding partner with former friends founded egrets game engine company, focused on HTML 5 technology promotion and application in the field of mobile games.

as we have learned, egrets Engine (Egret Engine) is an open source free use Microsoft TypeScript language constructs mobile game Engine. Through it, developers can quickly create HTML 5 types of mobile games, game program compiled output can be also become suitable for Android or IOS game of native applications. Loli WeChat circle of friends of the surround nerve cat is the Egret engine development.

the data shows, in 2006, zhang add Discuz! Entrepreneurial teams, with Mr. Dai and others will make famous brands of software and the influence of the community. Xiang in the business circle, webmaster has extensive connections, used to create the Chinese master of club, founded webmaster magazine and served as chief editor, planning for nine years and host China’s Internet webmaster conferences.

in August 2010, Discuz! Wholly owned by tencent company acquisitions, zhang along with the team to join in tencent, successively in tencent open platform, tencent effect advertising department inauguration, wide as tencent point lead to marketing director, to participate in social ads, WeChat mobile QQ space, tencent mobile alliance business such as the forefront of the exploration and practice.

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