Tencent to Internet of things, will speed up the intelligent hardware investment return

(word/qing nan)

since the year before last intelligent hardware is is one of the most popular topic, both at home and abroad, in a short period of time has sprung up many start-ups. In the current situation of the domestic is much cry and little wool, however, on the one hand, entrepreneurs gather together into in succession, giant try, coupled with the media hyped joy; Capital interest is cooling on the other hand, a large number of startups due to lack of homogeneity, creative face is closed or transformation problem.

however, the trend of the Internet of things won’t change, just change the pace of the forward. But since this year, domestic Internet giants, including BAT is beginning to reach out to the field of Internet of things, this may make the intelligent hardware boom cooled return, capital market heating up again.

in tencent worldwide partner conference held today, COO Ren Yuxin revealed that the company will open QQ, WeChat based social intelligence open platform, hardware connection link, software, hardware and services to build a new ecological system.

this strategy should be in a lot of people expected. One is company tencent positioning for the connection type, the user’s habits have begun to gradually from original people, people and information link to the device transfer, iot strategy must be involved in; The second is the Internet change the inevitable result of the more traditional industries, the business far beyond tencent’s current social value.

not only tencent, baidu, ali also starting this year into, is also the main platform, and seldom dabbled in hardware production itself. Baidu, focused more on information level, by contrast, ali is in the surrounding cloud services and YUNOS system. Tencent, the time is still focus on the social value chain. Is there a difference can be seen that the three strategies, and this entrepreneurial ecology of the whole intelligent hardware acceleration effect has a lot of differences.

baidu lack of user system, is more based on knowledge mining and extend in the direction of artificial intelligence, is the present stage can tread less; Ali is more around the manufacturers, merchants. Tencent has a huge social system and the transmission power, and on the basis of the extended platform to expand capacity. In all, personally think that tencent open platform of intelligent hardware short-term effect is bigger.

today, tencent launched “QQ group” brand, will face the traditional hardware, smart home, wearable devices, intelligent vehicle, health and other fields and opening up, more than hundred million level user product based on a tencent platform, and open system, building a including fund-raising, prototype design, product development and sales, word-of-mouth, filling. The next three years, “QQ group” will be committed to promoting the 1000 traditional enterprises successfully realize the transformation of the Internet, in the support of the next year will reach 2 billion yuan.

in the plan, WeChat will be open fully open intelligent hardware system, perhaps more than QQ market prospect. In recently, some companies have already begun to detail letter platform.

although not the first to enter Internet giant in the field of intelligent hardware, but at the moment into the tencent by the construction of social intelligence hardware platform to transform the perspective of ecological environment of the “catfish effect” should not be ignored, it will also accelerate produce high quality intelligent hardware entrepreneurs.

maybe, to the second half of next year, have certain high quality creative and withstand the test of market startup produced in succession, by that time, in the field of intelligent hardware investment boom will erupt.

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