Tencent to finalize the overall acquisition of shanda literature purchase price, or up to 5 billion yuan

article/sohu IT wang cong Ji

on November 6, many news shows that tencent has identified acquisition of shanda literature.

there are, according to people familiar with the tencent will completely take over shanda literature, the overall price in 40 to 5 billion RMB.

Otherwise, according to people familiar with the

the acquisition for the evening just finalized on November 5, before this, tencent, baidu and approached three fund company shanda literature, baidu investment even in November 5 also appeared in a big company, but the end result is tencent the last laugh.

“said last week there was no news, last week is ma li and determine the bid, shanda literature is rapidly determine the sale this week, it looks like tencent is given a let Chen can’t refuse the price”, said people familiar with the matter.

as of the time, the author repeatedly call shanda literature CEO Robert chiu, but couldn’t get through.

baidu, tencent, shanda pattern of three kingdoms is broken

after 2013 years starting from the Chinese team retreat tencent, and vertical and horizontal Chinese website baidu bought incident, the Chinese network literature market is considered to form baidu, tencent, shanda three giants of pattern, the independent of the network literature website losing competitiveness.

among the three, baidu is considered PC traffic resources advantage, shanda literature is the content side have obvious advantages, and backed by tencent game tencent literature, are thought to be the overall strength of the strongest.

but the lack of channels is a problem of shanda literature, shanda literature CEO Robert chiu said in an interview with sohu IT before shanda literature is actively introduce strategic investment, and to consider strategic investment tower read such as mobile reading products against baidu, tencent.

but the end result is shanda literature fully packaged to tencent, said senior practitioners, tencent, shanda literature, literature merged, the network literature market gives a person the sense of airtight, baidu literature weak obviously, the future market will be towards dominance.

to this, the industry think that is not good, because a general cost the author bargaining power alone, but perhaps the article market opportunity in content end restore.

tencent literature over the past year did not meet expectations

for tencent literature with resources advantages why prices take shanda literature, rather than completely on its own rise. Have industry veteran practitioners such comments:

tencent literature over the past year do not succeed, tencent’s investment is in order to let wu team breath move the shanda literature, but tencent literature only use a tencent flow for cash, and did not reflect the IP (intellectual property value), even in the baidu search list when vertical and horizontal Chinese website.

the content side, tencent literature while signing issue, such as the great god the author in a big way, but the actual content in the overall is still not well, tencent games business and failed to gain much value from the content of literature.

there are shanda literature insiders sigh: shanda literature over the past year in the end, joint efforts, the market side is one of the reasons for the rise of tencent literature no, but in the end, these efforts “hit back to his face.”

network literature in the future market will be fully towards IP

price calculation of the 40-5 billion, or about $650 million to $830 million, close to shanda literature peak valuation. And starting point after the team left, shanda literature value had fallen, the deal to return to the highs, related to network literature show IP value this year.

on ChinaJoy, network literature, network animation film are sold in the content such as games, top works out tens of millions of yuan jump grades, it also makes the industry saw the IP network literature value.

as a matter of fact, tencent is the preparation of tencent literature, are valued and the linkage of the games, film and television, animation industry value.

as a result, the network literature circle is generally believed that tencent shanda literature rule acquisition by original content after the end, the network novel accelerated by the content sold far away, in IP network literature value measurement time will come.

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