Tencent product managers how to think about the “micro letter calls this”?

note: hunting cloud tencent recent launch of the micro letter phone book caused quite a stir, the reason is that the free phone could threaten the core business communications operators. In fact, this kind of product is not the first, tencent has already closed. At this point the timing of the launch is how to grasp, and is likely to be based on how to consider? And to make much difference? Many questions unanswered.

the following text, the author: QinHao tommy, tencent product managers, but not WeChat phone book product managers, views don’t represent tencent official.

full text of the following language:

I think I can answer this question. Deeply touched to see the problem. I think the title as “finally came.”

two years ago, I haven’t come to tencent, I follow my former boss of UC, made with micro letter calls this the same product. The product is called “call”.

tencent is rarely active innovater new market first, but in the right time, beautiful packing market.

calls the communication necessary auxiliary software of symbian era, the era of android, the call is the first attempt to free Internet access to telephone app. Did it must level during peak daily living. The call is a subsidiary of UC, in addition to the UC browser, one of the most important innovation product. Company executives expect based on the relationship between mobile phone address book through the address book chain, do the chain has been a big company or big company’s dream. Then, because the company strategic planning problem, the product after multiple planning adjustment, the end result is not very good. Now stop updating in the mainland market.

at the beginning of 2012, android just rise, based on the mobile communications support this point, the birth of a large number of communication auxiliary app, including: telephone, QQ contacts, touch the treasure to dial, 360 contacts, sogou number and other products. This batch of products later, most of them are failed to jump out of the tools the spell of the app, they can’t smoothly through mobile phone address book chain of entrance.

directory products at that time also once become each big Internet company attaches great importance to the screens of products, such products are not confined to the communication management tools, in addition to make itself to electric display, intelligent communication auxiliary related functions such as dial-up, contact the backup, are gradually into “free telephone, free text”, and even some contacts products into McDonald’s order, connection express service concept, such as the Internet portal.

the bat, and 360 for address book products on the market have intimate contact, m&a rumours once very hot.

WeChat phone book formerly “QQ address book”

QQ contacts is our competing goods at the time, it was an address book management tools, into tencent QQ contacts team guangzhou WeChat enterprise group, in 2013 officially changed its name to WeChat the phone book.

because of work experience, I’ve been paying attention to QQ my address book in the letter and detail business group, the micro letter phone for multiple versions of updates, but belong to anodyne to the optimization of existing functions, such as joining the contact synchronization micro letter head, share contacts qr code to the function such as micro letter, micro letter at that time the phone book does not jump out the address book management category. Recent WeChat phone book and began to hot, the main reason lies in the “phone” free of charge.

unfortunately, free calls this product based on the address book relationship chain form, it is difficult to do two years ago, is mainly the following reasons:

s always loiter policy edge;

s 2 years ago, at that time, the mainstream is 2 g network, 3 g network has just begun number allocation, bad network environment has led to call quality remained stable, hard usage scenarios coverage is not wide enough;

s flow rates are high, the majority of users on traffic package only 30-100 – m, don’t support using free calls at any time and place, further compressed the usage scenario;

s for small and medium-sized companies, marketing and human resources investment is very big, the mobile Internet is not yet mature, the concept of the service entrance to fall to the ground, it is difficult to get the company resources for a long time.

in short, the situation is, the cake is very big, but everyone can do.

tencent has for a long time, is only the QQ address book as a conservative products to treat of the strategic defensive. Tencent don’t expect so important contacts the relationship chain and entry the BAT either party, or potential small and medium-sized companies, the chain is tencent’s foothold, but due to the time of the Internet environment, as well as the relevant departments of the policies and regulations, has been on hold.

it all, after the QQ contacts and detail letter business group, along with the widespread popularity of 3 g, 4 g, gradually began to change. Great finally released micro letter calls, to join the free voice calls function. After binding micro letter account and phone number, the user can to installed the micro letter calls this letter friends launched a free voice calls.

in fact two years ago, the phone book on micro letter also called QQ contacts, has had an rumors QQ contacts in internal testing free calls, just hasn’t been officially released. Now that can dare to launch, apparently has been prepared, or top and regulatory departments reached a tacit understanding. Combined with micro letter brand of great aura and dimension, if we can be understood as:

WeChat the phone book, perhaps a symbol of the operators gradually into a pipe, from “phone operator” to “traffic operators” shift the long process of bud?

we remember last year operators crying heavily influenced by the micro letter carrier network bandwidth, claim will be charged for micro letter, operator was on. Finally, in tencent high-rise mediation, after several rounds of negotiations, combined with the three carriers bifurcation itself with competition and cooperation, in the end, the three carriers have to accept WeChat ineluctable reality, China unicom has already started to work with WeChat even.

operator is new Internet business model the trend of passive continuously pushing forward, in this year, with micro letter to the impact of SMS business, China mobile has already announced that next year will be to all free text messages, according to the traffic way for billing. At that time, the basic can be thought of, operators SMS revenue was confiscated by Internet companies.

the near future, the phone again this traditional mode was confiscated by Internet companies or occupy a certain market share, not impossible. Micro letter calls this could drive consumers to flow to the tremendous growth in the consumption, further persecution operators to accelerate to change the way of metered data, change the direction of the voice is likely to be an unlimited supply of our business, traffic fee as the main pricing mode. This is also the management mode of European and American mainstream operators.

in the future, traditional operators are likely to become a pipeline, become “traffic operators,” rather than “phone operator”. Of course, this process is still difficult, it will not come so easily.

micro letter’s greatness lies in, let originally need not QQ people use micro letter. So, WeChat phone this bearing is that there is no WeChat WeChat using the phone book. This is micro believe it the phone book out detail, the biggest reason besides policy risk.

WeChat up later, you found that the original does not use the QQ of that batch of their 40 s and 50 s, rural people, business people, etc., are a large number of using WeChat, WeChat expanded tencent user groups. WeChat phone book in the future need to load it was round in the QQ and WeChat all need not the number of groups.

micro letter calls this the biggest characteristic is “is combined with mobile phone directory depth”, no matter how Internet service development, there is always a lot of people cannot leave a phone, contact management these two kinds of basic services, with micro letter the phone book, tencent will be able to fold the original without micro letters and QQ group, so as to further consolidate the tencent acquaintance social relations chain basis and entry screens.

you can use WeChat phone book to make free phone, send free SMS, intelligent quickly find contacts, greater advantage can automatically judge whether the other installed WeChat the phone book, if installed, can choose the free phone calls. Using micro letter of huge size and brand effect, the development of the micro letter calls this road should be more than any before a directory products go smoothly.

from the entrance to this concept, the current WeChat phone book not meet detail letter, letter might not meet in the future to detail. Micro letter the phone book have a chance to become another Internet entry level products.

contact list, the concept of integration service life in 2 years ago, sogou number have a prototype, then, from the tag property intermediary, express delivery calls, insurance, this kind of just need to cut into the intercept, expect to integrate all the daily Numbers, make contacts products inside hao123, as O2O entrance of local life.

because most businesses, hospitals, shops, property companies, etc are made with machine to provide contact, therefore, when the life the phone number of the service provider is an address book software together, after the address book products is a telephone station. People through the use of address book smart dial-up, can quickly find out the required services, like PC Internet era through hao123 visit website.

now believe the phone book and the concept of millet yellow pages, in fact much more advanced than sogou number sense, in addition to the integration of local telephone service, millet has will reach out to the Internet service, direct directly in the form of a web app to embed the Internet service directory. WeChat phone book must also adopt this model.

the near future, we should be able to see this in the phone book WeChat calls all kinds of common life services, such as: phone, express query, booking tickets, generation of driving, registered service, even the group purchase, order, in the future you will not need to install the APP, want to use it with.

the combination of the above address book using the definition of the crowd, through the concept of contacts, let originally not small letters and the number of users of mobile phone QQ, begin to use Internet services. That is to say, such as micro letter the phone book and millet yellow pages directory services, in addition to the convenience of itself, the most important reason is that net users can guide didn’t contact the Internet service, isn’t it great?

directory of the screenshots below are millet, millet is called millet yellow pages, with micro letter calls the development direction of the future is the same.

however, it is important to note that even if tencent, even if the letter head Dai Wei halo, but wants to get through the relationship chain, recreating an Internet portal, is still fraught with difficulties:

s millet, handset makers such as huawei, and launched its own address book management software, and can be integrated in the system, the advantage of natural pre-installed, compared to the micro letter calls this early contact with the user, and not unloaded. With millet shipments more and more of this kind of manufacturer, and beautiful miui, flyme customization system is more and more perfect, the difficulty of communication auxiliary app for users will further increase.

s usage scenario is still limited, in the case of 3/4 g, because the traffic fee is not low, it can’t impress DuiHuaFei contact the Internet the most sensitive and the most common student groups, these groups will only in the case of wifi to use micro letter calls this;

s business or official call, it is still more stable populations choice for traditional; Traditional older users, calls will still give priority to with direct dial telephone, popularization and address book management app need to rely on a strong popularization ability.

therefore, calm view of the problem, the current Internet phone only suitable for use in some scenarios, supplement conventional telephone call, “revolution” and “replace” it is too early, from large-scale popularization still has long way to go.

picture, the left side to call two years ago, is now on the right of WeChat the phone book. Everyone should evaluate. The Internet is always at the right time to do the right thing, rounded out early, less driven. And, more often, some products, really only by giant to leverage, in the domestic Internet ecosystem, innovation projects of some small and medium-sized companies most of the time very helpless.


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