Tencent “inside” : and giant competition, learn to give users “painted face”

hunting cloud network on December 26 this article from steamed bread school Liang Ning

cloud network hunting note: QQ is a great river, the micro letter is a big river, baidu is a big river, baidu post bar is a great river… By the river, form their own ecological and consolidate their own soil. Between the river, small river flowing merrily. Internet startup, is dig a trench, rob other rivers flow, form their own rivers and ecology. Water, it is flowing into you dig waterways, or continue in its original river flow, in that moment, you provide right user perspective and user scenarios.

when I just joined tencent first answer, three user: the name is daming, benben and small idle.

who use your website? What have you done, let he loves you? Moment came in.

daming is characterized by a clear demand. Me and my girlfriend to Christmas to Bali for vacation. At this time, he wants is the “price” or “hard”. Website UI/UE do again good, the product price is not good, daming will leave you the same. He check photography tips, guide you, no photography professional content, he is not.

benben is characterized by, about demand, but not so clear. , for example, he said that I want for Christmas with his girlfriend go out to play, but to go to Bali or sanya, lijiang, or slide a snow around Beijing not ready yet. What he needs is “comparison”, if he has confirmed the destination, benben becomes daming.

small idle is characterized by, there is no consumer demand, she is to pass the time. Little spare no travel plans, but interested in travel, so she like the beautiful pictures, funny story and details. She needs is the “key”

description of characters, in tencent called user perspective and user scenarios. Complete, called user scenarios operation based on user perspective.

water to come over, it is flowing into you dig waterways, or continue in its original river flow, in that moment, you provide right user perspective and user scenarios.

small spare not like “where” the net, because the page where is so cluttered, and community for structured content, also don’t relax to read (I’m a little idle, I come to relax).

but daming doesn’t have the patience to try hornet’s nest of hotel reservation. Because he knew that he was in a hurry to get things, have professional website in dry.

the girl to buy tickets, is daming. And the most when buying clothes is stupid.

daming using the search, efficient direct goal. and girls to buy clothes, it is to see see see… Flip flip turn… And then somehow conveniently bought had no plans of hairpin and socks. This is how beautiful rise.

two days before a handsome boy, do a mobile game strategy APP to me. Strategy do very hard, DOTA each role, all have the corresponding complete strategy role. But I’m a little idle, evolution can only evolve into benben. So, open the APP, he didn’t understand the things I see, so we have to rush the somebody else embarrassed smile, and then close the APP. The handsome boy and I have a good relationship, but not is he users.

for an instant, the user into your channel, or turn around and is 10 seconds. The requirements of tencent is 10 seconds.

a user, TA may be daming, stupid, or small idle. TA only need 10 seconds, can judge, this stuff on a page, TA is. Then select, check it again, or close to leave.

open the next page, another 10 seconds. Continue to choose: leave? Or leave.

10 to 30 seconds. Up to six to 10 seconds. 1 minute.

product the survival of the moment, is so crackle, such as superior.

users do not scold you, he just don’t have to you

new product manager take a run for a few days of products, operating figures don’t good-looking, due to insufficient, hope the company to more resources, more promotion.

no, Internet products is likely to become major rivers, or dry up quickly, is not whether 1 million people know it. But in whether to have 1000 users, special love to you.

when you do the product, do you think of just a “user” the concept of fuzzy, this product has been dead for 99%.

daming, stupid or small idle, also is the most primary portraits and shallow user

the tencent electricity in order to fine operation, the user according to age, gender, region is divided into 112 kinds of roles, pulled out of the 28 kinds of user roles, centrally centralized and promote products. Tencent electric company has $1 billion, 1 billion employees, tencent flow, didn’t also the ability to face all the users.

based on the fine operation, tencent electricity for 3 consecutive years increased by more than 60%, and the fee is lower than the jingdong.

even if no user portrait of tencent electricity so fine, just hoping or men and women, the scene also completely different.

, for example, play micro letter is a little idle. While playing Momo? Ah, sure daming ah.

so play WeChat brush circle of friends, and play Momo amounts of search.

m talking about? Why talk Timmy?

in order to reassure everyone for a strong channel blind fear. Millet mobile phone sold 60 million this year, each have installed meters chat and meters should outweigh the Momo chat users.

I installed meters chat and earnestly safeguard the entire information. With my name: Liang Ning. The girl. Also upload my photos. Then every time I open m chat and recommend me 100% of the users is all pout hold out a bosom beauty… at least can be judged, m chat no portrait based on user, user scenarios.

all the mightiest rivers: QQ, WeChat, baidu post bar, jingdong, Meituan… Started from a small source, from a user operation good portrait of a scene.

so, if you operate a user of a scene, actually don’t need to be afraid of the so-called tencent, baidu beat you. You are their partners.

if you hold a fuzzy concept of users, tencent’s 600 million users. Then you slowly dry yourself, not a penguin hit you.

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