Tencent in sinopec restructuring, little money into big business

(wen xuan/day)

at the beginning of last month, chairman of sinopec fu and tencent President liu chiping meeting sparked debate “gossip”. After business framework cooperation agreement last week, tencent with sinopec again trading capital.

last night, by the three of tencent, China helped, munsun jointly established in danger of shenzhen tencent munsun energy investment fund companies (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “preserve tencent munsun energy funds”) and China petrochemical sales co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “sinopec sales company”) signed on the Chinese petrochemical sales co., LTD. Of the capital increase agreement, strategic investment of 10 billion yuan in sales company, sales of the company after completion of the capital increase of a 2.8% stake.

specific to tencent, the money and the shares should be small, only a small shareholders, but it is very important to tencent O2O layout.

as the most profitable domestic enterprises, sinopec should not lack of the funds, the introduction of external funding, one is the adjustment of the level of mixed ownership management measures; Two is bullish about the oil business new growth space, this part need external service providers to develop together.

the oil business is to point to in addition to gas, gas routine business, other such as convenience stores, car service, car networking, O2O, financial services, advertising and other business, such as business, be regarded as a new growth point of the gas station in the future. According to sinopec chairman fu chengyu at this year’s interim results recommend meeting planning, the concept of sinopec in the future to build a comprehensive service provider, the service customer “and use live line”, as the key of life to provide a full range of comprehensive services, promote the interaction between the oil not mutually promote, oil and build consumer trust, people’s satisfaction of life. Sinopec currently in the country has opened more than 30000 gas stations, and more than 23000 easyjet convenience store, refueling card card users more than 80 million people.

this equity is closely related with tencent has numerous business layout, after positioning connection type company, is being around people and goods, and services are closely related, O2O is one of the most important piece, tencent and sinopec FeiYou business exists complementary advantages.

it is understood that in the previous business framework cooperation agreement signed by both parties, both parties will major in business development and promotion, mobile payment, media publicity, O2O business, map navigation, user loyalty management, big data applications and cross-selling in areas such as exploration.

according to the planning, sinopec, tencent, and helped China to the investment project as an opportunity of cooperation, to dig deeper into the online and offline network, brand, channel and customer resource advantages, to elaborate “people, cars and life” new market-oriented business model and a new intelligent life scenes, to provide customers with more efficient and convenient one-stop, integrated services, improve customer experience.

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