Tencent has invested in which companies in 2014

cloud network hunting note: recently, stripped of his top position by alibaba, tencent has become China’s second-largest Internet companies. But at the same time, tencent is one of China’s most dynamic risk investment institutions. When ali baba, however, in cases with a lot of investment success grab the headlines, it is due to improper early investment fell and shrines. Of course, this is not to say that tencent has not obtained a good market share. This year alone, tencent company attended the nearly more than 30 rounds of financing, of which about half of the seed wheel, series A, or B wheel. This means that tencent three times the average monthly investment. Roughly calculated that a total of 39, investment amount between $70 and $9 billion.
According to ITJuzi database and our own archives, according to the time sequence, the following is tencent’s investment projects this year, translated by building wai:

rich figure securities

is a rich figure securities for stock market investors display real-time trading platform, is also a financial news website and BBS financial experts. In January, rich figure securities accepted tencent thousands yuan investment level.

south China city

the hong kong-listed Chinese companies operating develop a large logistics and trade center. Tencent invested heavily in the south China city: twice this year January to invest 800 million Hong Kong dollars ($103 million), September 11.5 billion Hong Kong dollars ($193 million), tencent acquired 13% stake in south China city.

drops a taxi

in January, tencent in drops a taxi C round of financing is one of the tencent two consecutive high finance case this year. This taxi software after won a transfusion tencent, alibaba investment with rivals express a taxi launched in the market competition, and won the China’s vast market. Drops without stop, received the tencent in December after another $700 million in financing, makes drops a taxi after a taxi Uber’s second largest software in the world.

all loans

in January, zhi letter to the social capital and tencent lending site for $130 million in A round of funding. To the best of our knowledge, this is the biggest amount of A round of funding this year. Everyone from competitors do their best, trying to break into China has rich profits, and the rapid growth of P2P lending market, to capture a slice, but everyone is borrowed at present is still one of the biggest market share.

ke ling navigation farce

the majority stakes in alibaba is willing to buy gold at the same time, tencent acquired ke ling navigation theory. In January but the buyout by tencent online maps and navigation company how many money, took tencent is unclear.

star and interconnected

in the portfolio of tencent, QQ and micro letter may be more prominent social product, but tencent is also a the biggest game company in China. In January, tencent to star Internet investment of tens of millions of yuan, in July, star and connected to 1.44 billion yuan ($232 million) bought a bunch of toys. So, tencent in the mobile gaming products have three titles.

flash master

although flash master for smartphone users provides tools, but it is the main product is Android permission to obtain and install the application of different version of the operating system. In February, tencent to flash master B wheel first tens of millions of RMB funding.

With cheng travel network


with routine travel network, also known as 17 u, is one of the biggest travel booking website in China. In 2012 led the B wheel, in February this year, tencent has also conducted 5 million yuan ($US80700000) C round of investment. Ctrip also after two months, with $200 million for cheng D round travel network.


another high-profile investments is tencent to billions of dollars investing public review, and won the public comments on a 20% stake. While E round made public comments on the net into the micro system.


this is likely to be tencent’s most famous investment this year, jingdong is second only to China’s largest direct selling market of e-commerce giant ali. Just two months ago, JD implementation so far, China’s largest e-commerce IPO were overtaken by alibaba (later), tencent invested $214 million for a 15% stake in jingdong. Like public comments on the net, JD has been integrated into the micro letter.

business treasure

tencent did not because with the marriage of jingdong stop chasing the dream steps of e-commerce. In march, its $one hundred million investment in the grass-roots people provide affordable products and convenient and efficient service for mobile e-commerce site.

CJ Games

this year big a transnational investment project is a $500 million investment amount for south Korean mobile game developers CJ 28% stake. Some Korean favorite messaging applications, such as KakaoTalk, tencent also have shares.

le ju

r, e-house China subsidiary, in March, from tencent’s $180 million investment, tencent has won 15% of the shares.

four dimensional figure new

the digital map service company established as early as 1997. Tencent acquired one of the largest map company in China in May – new four dimensional figure, with $187 million in exchange for a 11.3% stake.

optimus prime

in May, tencent to RMB 150 million ($24200000) for B round optimus prime. The studio, play PC game, and do hand tour.


tencent contributed to the anonymous social applications of $36 million in a new round of financing. But this does not mean that whisper will land on China. In addition, tencent, in 2013, has invested in Snapchat, but also has no plans to introduce it to the Chinese audience.

58 city


58. com is one of China’s biggest online classifieds site, only the market network can compete with them. 58 city listed on the last October, and then in June, for $736 million to tencent sold a 19.9% stake. In September, tencent has bought 58 $100 million worth of shares, makes the stock accounts for 24% of tencent

have product

tencent and jingdong Picooc (have) made B $21 million worth of investment. Picooc (have) the most famous intelligent hardware devices may be the intelligent human scale. In addition, it also plans to soon will launch more small tools, including fitness wristbands and blood pressure.

e washing bag

e bag wash is China O2O laundry chain laundry for prosperity run the application. The company in July for the seeds of tencent’s $3.2 million round of investment, in November and obtained the tencent’s $20 million investment.

three Interface

this cloud based artificial intelligence and machine learning tool for the seeds of tencent company $5 million round of investment.


across an is a qualification exam sites for college courses. In August, tencent launched B round to its investment of 30 million yuan ($4.8 million).



with a $814 million joint venture capital injection of tencent and baidu dalian wanda group. The aim is to accelerate achieving three companies in the field of mobile payment. Wanda owns a 70% stake, while baidu and tencent segmentation remaining.

e home clean

tencent, the second time in the field of O2O investment is to invest main domestic service e home clean. In September, tencent wheel on the A $4 million investment.


the headquarters is located in the virtual reality of companies in the United States won the tencent seed round of investment of $5.2 million.

clove garden

clove garden is the largest health care network community. Tencent to clove garden invested $70 million in September.

I boring

I’m boring is a specifically targeted at Chinese tourists to travel online travel agencies in the United States. In September, I won the tencent, led by the us $20 million B round of investment, morningside and capital.


24 tencent and other investors to a 107.1 billion yuan ($17.44 billion) to buy into China’s largest state-owned oil companies. Each company can have as many as 2.8% of the company, but did not reveal details of the amount of tencent.

red dot live

red dot is a live allows anyone to create their own program to others listen to Internet radio website. Red dot live in September won tencent series A investment of $3 million.

registered network

tencent, in October to about $100 million this medical websites C round of investment.

China lotsynergy

lottery, as one of the few in China has one of the formal legal gambling game, is very popular. China lotsynergy is manufacture and sale of lottery tickets of equipment and system of company. Tencent, in October, for an undisclosed amount to buy enough China lotsynergy (CLS) 7.53% stake.

pocket shopping

tencent and tiger fund with $350 million for the mobile e-commerce market application of series C financing.


A photo sharing application Snapchat style look in October, won A $20 million tencent led A round of funding, followed by sequoia, H capital, ZhenFund and innovation works.

huayi brothers

a ali joint investment company and rarely seen tencent, and huayi brothers is one of them. The television and movie production studio based in Beijing, received the “three-horse” investment of 3.6 billion yuan ($581 million).

everyone express

the express delivery company obtained from tencent and banyan tree fund $15 million in A round.

same Creative Lab

tencent game studios like to invest in South Korea, as if to break its domestic market. Tencent and two other consortium jointly invested in the game studios, including tencent to pay $110 million.


the Dots in the United States from tencent and Greycroft Partners invested $10 million, resolutely out of its parent company Betaworks.

tencent company in December with the Japanese game studios Aiming signed an agreement, but tencent invested an undisclosed sum.

outside the mai di

outside the mai di is responsible for many important stores across China, including starbucks, burger king, and a few public WiFi at the airport. In December, mai di from tencent and public comments on the net won the 30 billion yuan ($49 million) in the series C financing.


a us-based Kamcord can make a SDK mobile game developers to join in their game video recording function. Tencent company took part in the company B round of investment, investment amount of $15 million.

we will update the list by the end of the year, join now.


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