Ten classic cases, after the founder leave their technology companies

cloud network hunting note: caused by west master meat clip buns, founder of the split big discussion in the industry to continue, always think the enterprise cloud network editor king hunting and interconnection technology company has nothing to do, just under the tide of Internet marketing and eggs. But we can share an article from the Angle of the founder, review, founder of science and technology out of his own company after what has happened.

Bill Gates,


Bill Gates stepped down as CEO in 2000, Microsoft’s growth is slowing, and for some including search, smart phones and cloud computing, such as several big trend have been slow to respond.


Twitter largely from the originality of Jack Dorsey, after its stepped down as CEO in 2008, Twitter is the explosive growth in the number of users, but I still couldn’t find a clear profit model. Last year, the new CEO Dick Costolo again invite Dorsey regression full-time in Twitter, though still not made significant progress on the profit model, but Dorsey introduced many new features like earnings direction and reached the iPhone and apple with Twitter’s agreement.


at Andy Grove, Intel CEO of 10 years, Intel’s market value soared to $160 billion from $4 billion. But in 2005 after the former chairman of the board, Intel’s share price has been is in a state of stagnant growth or even fall, it is also increasingly encountered competition from ARM.


Jeff Hawkins developed in the 90 s Palm OS laid the one of the most successful product of the Palm Pilot.

but then the company is in a series of mergers – first by U.S. Robotics, mergers and acquisitions, then by 3 com mergers and acquisitions. Until 1998, Hawkins and co-founder Donna Dubinsky and Ed Colligan leave set up another company Handspring. Palm began to experience the management major changes at the same time, at the beginning of this decade, although also introduced some good smartphones, but that eventually marginalized by HP bought for $1.2 billion.


Andy Rubin, in 2000 founded the Danger company with people, but by investors has expelled in 2003. So he continue to develop the Android. Later as a result, Andy Rubin with Android to Google, and turn it into a now ranked first smartphone operating system, and the Danger of $500 million to Microsoft, produced a short-lived social mobile Kin.


Dennis Crowley, in 2005 to sell Google location based social network Dodgeball. But by 7 years Crowley improper management of Google ran away very bored so created another similar company Foursquare, the current valuation is said to have more than $500 million.


co-founder Scott McNealy in Internet bubble witnessed the rapid development of Sun, but began to decline after the bubble burst. 6 years of the transferred company management to Jonathan Schwartz punctuate the Sun’s predicament, high-end servers demand growth slowed, Java does not know how to make money. Scott is the biggest contribution in front with a Microsoft antitrust settlement of a $2 billion cash reserves doubled for the Sun.

the end of the Sun is finally sold for $7.4 billion to oracle.


Steve Case create AOL and turn it into a super Internet company, time warner in 2000. Later in 2005, the board of directors of the Case left, 09 AOL and time warner divided again, AOL usher in a new CEO Tim Armstrong, but failing.


Yang in 08 screwed up Microsoft’s acquisition of more than $40 billion, which makes the board of directors will kick off the CEO position. But then the new CEO Carol Bartz before it.


in 1985 due to the business philosophy, jobs was kicked out of the apple, the board of directors has been going down since then, it is apple began, finally even to the edge of bankruptcy. But when jobs back in 1997, everything else is needless to say.

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