Technology companies new position: let employees don’t want to leave “the CBO”

people who all over the world, must have the words for any manager, any company are correct. Companies to expand without employees joined forces to help them; So, the welfare of the employees should indeed be highly valued. As a result, the company can produce a new class. The CBO is hunting cloud network edit your own words, this position can be understood as “chief staff welfare tube”.

Pinterest hired martial arts teacher teaching staff in the company of muay Thai training class to learn muay Thai, muay Thai is a kind of martial arts, this is a kind of welfare to employees. The company’s new office provides employees with dried mango, clean towel and Japanese lunch for free.

“we only provide the most basic benefits,” 40 Nguyen said in an interview that she’s the head of the Pinterest. Pinterest for employees provide free lunches, dinners, snacks and even vodka jelly, the welfare is to ensure that Pinterest nearly 450 employees, can keep a good mood at work and have good work efficiency, in an interview, she added.

in the 1880 s, the technology company has pioneering help the realization of the chief information officer of the integrated management and integrated application of science and technology across the world. In today’s society, science and technology companies in the increasingly fierce competition, especially in the aspect of employee benefits, their competition in this respect to help create a new type of work.

company want to large-scale development, will retain the old staff; In fact, in the company becomes the so-called workplace coordinator, director of the office, is responsible for employees to feel better. Such employees need to do the work and the concierge do the same, from responsible for planning staff travel matters to remember staff favorite granola bars, everything to his hands-on.

Chris Lavoie Adobe’s global event planners, is planning to include whisky in the scope of the employee benefits next year. Riot Games talent project department manager Sue – Min koh hired a manufacturer, make its branch in southern California on the basketball court produce 10 tons of snow, for an employee to celebrate in this way.

Shutterstock co., LTD. (an online provider, was founded in 2003, is headquartered in New York, USA) Razia Ferdousi – Meye said in an interview: “my responsibility is to understand what employees like the pub, which employees like to eat potatoes flavour of potatoes, which employees like to drink coconut juice”. She and her original feeling now work the job – at the ritz Carlton hotel (from the hotel window, overlooking Manhattan’s central park) do customer relations coordinator – the same.

technology industry companies agree that once a company have about 100 employees, will need to be a person in charge of employee welfare issues, help employees get more happiness in work.

“if you are a company in five years ago asked me if I need to set up such a position, my answer is I don’t know there is such a position.” Layla Baird said in an interview, he worked in Nguyen team. In the beginning, Nguyen’s job is only need to buy company satellite metal parts, and then you can sit in the cubicles, drinking the coffee myself. “Before work, if I want to eat snacks, I just need to take to vending machines, can’t now.” She is said in the interview.

Pinterest, said Michael DeAngelo, deputy director of the rapid development of science and technology industry produced a lot of new jobs, has just graduated from college students starting salary is 6 digits; Given that appear in the latest tech boom crazy employment trends, increase the category of the job position is undoubtedly the bet. Pinterest company has gone through a journey of four years, the company plans in the next 12 months around 100 to 200 to recruit new staff.

software company Asana sent each employee allowance of 10000 dollars, let them to buy a computer desk and decoration. Some employees also give money to purchase a mini fridge, headphones or a custom chair or carpet. Asana is about a year ago have receive special benefits for the first batch of employees, to wait until next year, the company more than 200 employees, the company scale twice by now, it is possible to have the second batch of to enjoy this special welfare of employees.

Asana’s chief operating officer Kenny Van Zant said in an interview that the company provide free yoga classes, lunch and other commodities as welfare, hope to be able to make the commitment of employees to work. Employees don’t have to rush to solve their own lunch, also need not thinking of going to the gym early, so they wouldn’t rush to the end of hand work, so can greatly improve the work efficiency.

“we don’t want employees have stressed they have their own life rule, hope they have flexible work hours,” he said in an interview. In terms of employee benefits, Asana spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on each employee. Van Zant said in an interview, 10% to 15% of employee salary of this money.

“technology companies hope to give benefits to employees can let employees are willing to work to a later time, also hope that the idea of employees will not have a job-hopping. This is an interesting tactic to little bit indecent.” San Francisco recruitment of the company’s chief executive, Jeff Winter said in an interview.

to use employee benefits to retain employees sceptics say, you come up with a variety of ways to meet the needs of employees, increase the staff’s happiness, and now want to return from an investment; Do not necessarily somewhat contradictory.

the management of the university of Pennsylvania’s Wharton business school associate professor Iwan Barabkay, is also a business consultant, he supports the use of cash to motivate employees. But he said in an interview, a summer picnic in the hot sun, this type of employee benefit most companies do not adopt. “If the company staff will soon be frustrated” provide free things haven’t changed, welfare without growth.

there is a problem is: treat employees is part of the corporate culture, but when the company’s business is bad, be kind to employee behavior cannot be stopped. Since 2012, the company’s shares have fallen 80% a few, because the other game developers have developed a can match “happy farm” game. Listed company in 2011, began to provide free lunch and dinner for employees, make lunch and dinner with the Japanese the chobe mayonnaise and pinecone syrup kind of raw material.

a company spokeswoman, said in an interview in San Francisco, the start stop this year to help employees free haircut. But in an interview, she refused to this kind of practice for further evaluation.

as employee benefits more and more good, some people began to ask for to get something better. An employee of Pinterest, just want to let the company recently make a high altitude in the bar near the slip line; Adobe an employee requirements of image processing software and graphics software designers, buy them a toy (on the ground with plastic film, the above the water, then slide on it), let them in the work for your entertainment.

“aerial sliding cable must be impossible, as for the toys, I haven’t thought well.” Lavoie said in an interview. “But I didn’t make any promises,” he said to his employees.

however, investors are willing to pay the high premium for the company’s shares, although the price and the possibility of growth. And these companies feel they have the ability to bear the huge benefits to employees, even if the company’s profits and capital is not much.

Pinterest may call for a $200 million investment, when the company’s market value is $5 billion. The number of shareholders limited company allows users to “Pin” in the form of online images collection, since 2010, has collected more than 30 billion pictures.

the company said that the cost of per employee per lunch or dinner – between $10 to $12 per employee per week also can eat to the ten dollars value of a hot breakfast. Each employee snacks every day cost between $5 and $8. Pinterest company every other week will spend about $1250 for the employees have a one hour festivities. Wine tasting, and other activities of the annual budget of $14000.

Pinterest do not comment on the cost of all, the only think that it would be worth it. “If there is a can let employees better life, more easy to approach, and this method doesn’t take us too much, also won’t let employees and with real life, we will think that this is a very good method,” Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp said in an interview.

Rick Heitzman, is a venture capital and New York FirstMark Capita general manager. He holds a large stake in Pinterest company, and it is the first institutional investors. He said in an interview that the company spending on employee benefits “in the company’s current stage of development is very appropriate.”

our company needs to attract top talent welfare, in a subsequent interview Mr Heitzman added: “we are moving towards building a massive, world-class company direction; You must be willing to part with or use investment, only in this way can we get some constructive results.”

silicon valley writer and historian Michael S.M u.s will company in the aspect of employee benefits competition due to America’s hewlett-packard, the company in the 1850 s, the introduction of stock options; Beginning in 1973, the company began allowing employees to work flexible hours. The company also for beer party on Friday afternoon each week, also bought hundreds of acres of land as a campground HP employees and resort.

in the field of industry, commodity in every boom better – will not disappear from the market because of the sluggish economy.

Google’s success to its employees on incentive, this let other technology companies are also beginning to pay attention to employee welfare of the problem. Google headquarters in mountain view, has a “shop” service for a team, they mainly responsible for food services, health services and maintenance staff’s bike. “Let staff during the work to get the most considerate service, has become a creed of Google, thorough marrow.” Google said in a statement.

25 Nuha Masri said in an interview, she couldn’t imagine a staff working in a company that welfare is low; Google’s approach to her is very impressive, it provides employees with a “rest room”, while doing is very small, and they’re all employees want.

Nuha Masri in Pinterest’s job is to delete the web site some inappropriate information. “I can choose a lot of work, I can work anywhere.” In an interview, she added, but I like my job at the Pinterest, only need to convert computer code in notebooks, kaka will play in the lounge Germany of board games.

Ms. Yuan is responsible for managing the Pinterest employee benefits, she jumps over 18 months ago from the company to Pinterest. As a service department, senior director of company employees work, she is responsible for the company’s office bar, on the top floor of the company to give employees pet dog built a garden. Her long ago decided to tesla is responsible for the welfare of employees.

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