“Taste” before they buy: high-end electronic equipment rent sharing P2P platform Lumoid Local

Lumoid company launched another encourage users to try out new equipment point-to-point short-term rental platform Lumoid Local. On the one hand, users can be idle equipment leased to others, earn money; Lumoid can also reduce inventory, on the other hand, gain more profits.

earlier this year, equipment leasing market service Lumoid company introduced a new platform, in this case, the camera enthusiasts, amateur photographer and even unmanned aircraft enthusiasts can try a bunch of different devices without having to buy. Lumoid last week announced that it is also a user can earn money by rent at present does not use the equipment of the platform.

Lumoid introduced local resources, the company expanded its potential inventory, the user can also supply the equipment. This market in the first place in San Francisco, and the local market also developed low contact way, the customer can be in as far as possible without contact for a fair deal.

after Lumoid also provides a more traditional cameras and equipment rental services. So it itself is not a new idea, camera enthusiasts can also through the local entity shop and online store to rent equipment for a period of time. However, most of the online store, it looks like a decade ago, is not to provide guidance to novice photographers how to choose the lease equipment services.

Lumoid seeks to easy to understand, the price of a certain degree of user education and related products of interest to the lessor big bag to replace the online store. Silicon valley startups incubator Y Combinator has attracted by its photography market, because its founder Artie Lamar, itself is a photography enthusiasts, because more Lumoid comply with the demand of a society.

Lumoid company has adequate inventory of different cameras and lenses, in order to supply the daily rental business, basically, anywhere in the United States can enjoy this service. You may feel like Lumoid this service will only be welcomed in the coastal developed areas. In fact, Lamar’s bush admitted that the rental service in a small city is very popular, and even lead to local camera shops shuttered.

Lumoid also presents a fairly free “lease and buy” strategy. If after the lease term, the user still want to use these devices, they can buy. All rental expenses and users can calculate in the purchase cost. That means that the user can rent many different camera, and when they decide to buy a can all my card.

although the camera is still the main product of Lumoid, but it has been in its roster increase to buy or lease of products, including a series of remote control aircraft for rent and 3-d printers. Even accelerate introduced a GoPro cameras, for anyone who wants to try a taste.

Lumoid latest service, allows users to make money from their own do not use the equipment. As Lumoid Local launch, it has created a point-to-point equipment leasing platform. This also means that regular users can write their own cameras, lens, and other equipment, and then rent to other users.

to the user, it provides a specific period of time will not be using their own way of making money on equipment. Reality allows people to short-term rental housing, Scorpio allows the user to rent is not in the use of cars, likewise, Lumoid also allows the user to reap the benefits from the rarely used camera equipment.

in order to let the user trust, vladimir radmanovic and specially points out, if the camera is lost, stolen or damaged, the company will be responsible for, and pay to the owner of the corresponding equipment. She also said that Lumoid will check, of course, determine whether there is a fraud, and it is also the lessor’s potential liability.

so far, Lumoid Local also only in San Francisco, to test, in order to test the viability of the business model. If the user wants to transfer the equipment to the lessor in the city, it can also help them in the case of no contact. In addition, the Local market for Lumoid without having to deal with inventory under the premise of making money.

this Lumoid will get higher profits, because it runs a does not need to buy new equipment leasing business. And Lumoid can provide users with a variety of products, at the same time, it can rely on more to the society without the need for each product have in stock.

For Lumoid,

all in all, this is another way to provide more choices to the society, the ways to encourage people to try out new equipment, even if they don’t all buy. This is a good thing, right?


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