Tapole: think in the Internet to do the brand, a pair of good glasses how tempered?

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the glasses of the form to present the development trend of diversification. Glasses varieties have flowers, colorful, both rodenstock department must, in accordance with the road, nikon and other world famous brands, there is also a fashion classic, the veyron, middle-grade glasses such as Oriental crocodile, and later, the crystal mirror, BianSeJing, etc. On another level, glasses consumer market expands, also formed the competition situation. Under the existing market dimensions, glasses manufacturers and placement, small and medium enterprises to keep the existing market share and marketing model and business philosophy of innovation is a must.

before the meizu marketing center marketing director lei chau, as a glasses heavy users, in a world of glasses does not enable him to very convenient to buy very good glasses. In even the technology point of view, their own problems may be many similar issues, to churn out glasses aside, and the style and quality are relatively of big shop sign or designer brands, but frequently is worth thousands of dollars. Glasses industry is not reasonable in price and quality is not consistent, glasses hardware cost is very low, and the cost of the large main focus on marketing and operation. Even the technology in the Internet operating thinking of meizu, millet and then in August last year, and another from the meizu colleague Lin Junfeng, leaving the company decided to use the Internet do glasses brand – Tapole thinking, try to put a pair of glasses, the cost of maximum back glasses equipment itself.

Tapole is one of the emerging Internet glasses brand, is to use the Internet to change the traditional glasses industry sales model. Tapole strive to excellent optical performance, elegant appearance, exquisite workmanship, reasonable prices to dress up the user’s eyes, to shape a person with taste. Even xin chau convective cloud network, “the Internet sales of glasses is very common, to build a shopping platform, put on churning out or valuable big glasses, can’t meet the needs of users really, and Tapole comes in to do a strong Internet glasses brand, with the help of the Internet information transmission solution.”

how to define a good glasses? In even the technology point of view, but from the sense of beauty, quality and purchasing experience three aspects to measure. From the perspective of the effect of online page shows Tapole, Tapole is more like a designer brands. Learned, Tapole glasses style of designer, has won the Vague Italia ‘2013 year’s Vague title of Talents. Second, the quality is the key to the brand to form a ring. Tapole idea is to cope with the situation, in terms of the lens, because of the Carl Zeiss is too expensive, Tapole chose custom, optical lens and the sun glasses, respectively from the ming-ta su optical and Yang optical customization production; The source of the frames is also depending on the material chose different vendors, pure titanium metal frame will be from a supplier in Japan, the sheet material is and Italy Mazzucchellis cooperation, sheet which is also a well-known established companies. Such Tapole in pursuit of the balance of each part.

Tapole positioning is an Internet brand. There is no denying that it is difficult to achieve for Tapole completely online transactions, because glasses after all don’t like mobile phones, soft beauty, medical needs, it also need to try and strict when buy optometry program, which is unable to provide the online service. Lei chau said, “restricted by development stage, Tapole current solution is concentrated on the optimization of online way, such as buying can be unconditional can be unconditional return within 15 days to make up the lack of style try; Tapole is adopted, for example, in optometry on subsidies of 100 yuan encouraging intention to buy customers to offline eye hospital for eyes.”

Tapole officially launched in November 13, the first line of 12 glasses are according to the different styles were divided into the three series of fashion, the minimalist and humanities. Fashion series of each works like the blind groping, with no default, is always good, each kind of color matching to convey the original intention of design; Minimalist series: line of concise, structure optimization, the simple sense of material, the weight of the quality, every detail, more thoughtful, remove all redundant elements; The classic lines, the simple sense of dignified, elegant design, is the common design elements of humanities series. Tapole currently sold by 12 glasses are depending on the optical lens and ultrathin optical lenses were unified divided into two 1088 yuan and 2088 yuan.

according to connect technology, the current online Tapole style can already scheduled, is expected in December to intended users. Tapole team should bring along their own funds to complete the angel round funding needs, is currently planning the next round of financing plan. “Tapole will continue to launch new style, and offline experience centre layout, the future will build a complete set of online service system, and achieve the closed-loop O2O.” Even the lei chau said finally


time: November 2014


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