Tao learning App: university campus “taobao + 58 city”

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for many entrepreneurs, college students’ consumption market is undoubtedly a remarkable huge market, containing the unlimited business opportunities. College students are a special people, they love life, full of innovation, consumer behavior and consumption patterns are also the simple, but in reality the campus of the university students of commodity information trading market is almost blank.

recently launched new learning App is a specially designed for college students to meet their daily life consumption demand and social demand of mobile applications. On the new learning, students can use of fragmented time, anytime, anywhere to see the campus second-hand goods, also can buy shops, campus surrounding businesses and shops for carving products, eventually forming a food and clothing live line, entertainment and so on various aspects of the university students comprehensive service platform. So, tao learning can be simply understood as a “taobao + 58 city” experiential electricity service platform.

why the entrepreneurial ideas, but also from the founder of zhou jian an experience. Zhou jian Beijing institute of technology college seniors, entrepreneurship, tao is the third time he entrepreneurial experience. North polytechnic has two campuses, in a changing campus experience, he found a large number of very high use value was thrown directly, feel very pity, but can’t back to, so the idea of initiation entrepreneurship tao learn App. Zhou jian convective cloud network, “learning to college students’ shopping as the breakthrough point, extending the social, part-time, business services, lets the student never leave home, can enjoy the shops face-to-face door-to-door delivery services, thereby, to provide for the university students to create a multi-dimensional integration of all aspects of quick service.”

specific to tao learning function and product structure, learn new App is an open platform for shopping. In the “flea market” plate, after the student registration can serve as the “buyer” and “the seller” two characters, let idle items no longer waste; Tao covers the campus store, outside the shops and stores for carving, on campus, greatly improving the efficiency of the shopping, trading frequency; “Tree” plate is a dedicated to ridicule, communication, make friends, shopping can also make new friends, social training user stickiness; Besides tao study also provides the campus activities, news and information, the information such as hot topic.

to return to nature, make electric business platform, user traffic is essential for survival. For learning in training the first user, start from students and businessmen two dimensions at the same time. Zhou jian said, “for students, mainly is constantly updated iterations, let the App is simple to use and easy to use, and continuously provide quality goods and services to meet the need of students, to train users paste. For merchants, close, have physical stores, can provide delivery service and so on several standard to measure whether for quality businesses, also set up a set of evaluation mechanism, in order to improve the user experience of shopping.”

market of the university students of similar products: card meters used network, school wheat network, campus second-hand street, campus second-hand base and so on, these sites common characteristic is a C2C platform, mainly to provide a secondary trading platform for the students. In contrast, tao studied business across C2C and B2C two areas. Specifically, mainly provide service for students from two aspects, one is to let students for campus store shopping, online platform to invite the intramural entities shops, and high quality outside entities shops and entrepreneurial university students open shop, and have internal logistics team, let all students on the platform shopping can enjoy 30 minutes door-to-door delivery service; 2 it is to give students a second-hand trading platform, real-time using a mobile phone is released, browse and buy secondhand goods, operation simple and quick.

the tao is in its infancy, is only applicable to the north polytechnic, has not developed to the second school, the shops function just online, there are about 3000 downloads, secondary market trading in the past thousands of good development momentum. Now, it seems, money become the biggest obstacle to tao learning development path. It is understood that tao study also gradually to have access to some investors, are the next step of planning on financing. Zhou jian convective cloud network said, “the current stage, to marketing and accumulation of user is the main task, the profit pattern of the future is online through the bidding of shops, shops commodity some ads, such as a recommended way to charge; The present product constantly iteration, tao learning goal begins with college students’ shopping, extending the social, job search, business services, become China’s college students shopping, making friends, the first platform of growth.”




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