Tangyuan creation: mobile improvisation, build community “story”, speaking, reading and writing

November 19 hunting cloud network (word/’ hope)

creation, especially the sexual creative inspiration, is ready to burst, is a moment, the instant, easily passes, leading to end up with good ideas. In contemporary life, mobile phone is more and more become the necessary equipment in life, is the only way to break through the computer, such as paper and pencil and sites, realize creation tools anytime and anywhere.

throughout the history of mobile phone, from ten words of text messages to a 140 – word weibo later, now friends hundred words to share, people gradually used in the mobile creation in form. So, mobile client urgently needs a kind of brand-new mode and form creation, to keep people countless moments of inspiration. Tangyuan creation, is an important innovative attempt.

tangyuan creation is a mobile based on the interest in writing, speaking, reading and writing community, with interest in writing as the foundation, to attract the creator, strive to become the bridge which connect the writer and the reader, to explore a new model in the field of mobile creation. The audience main current in the face of 15 to 22 years old high school and college, because this group is the creation of high-risk groups, have plenty of time, also has a great demand on the creation.

senior high school students, college students, the basic out of the shackles of meet the demand of the underlying population, have more freedom and space to imagine and create, need to have a platform to let this group of people together because of love so pure creation, form thought highly fit community spirit, and cultivate more cultural heritage for the future.

in the tangyuan creation, text function is the most popular products mixed, could make the creation of the creator more obvious; And chapter mode processing, is advantageous to the content of the structured, easier to guide the creation of the creator into a more professional stage; At the same time, dumplings are using the cell phone camera, microphone, and other functions, to explore the most suitable for the mobile end creation and read the contents of the form.

founder zhou wei is a serial entrepreneur has 7 years experience, has been in the field of mobile reading business. Co-founder defing liuying is his pen name, is the first generation of editing network literature. Served as the starting point Chinese website editor.

“the whole team, from the CEO to the product manager to the marketing people, everyone is writing or ever, our aim is to create simple happiness, true from the perspective of the creator to think about what kind of services they need.” Zhou wei said.

homogeneous products, from mobile phone field, with orange writing, beauty tools such as software; From the field of mobile reading, such as palm reading, read the reader; But if from reading and writing combination of community point of view, tangyuan creation is very competitive.

at the same time, in terms of service, tangyuan has a professional producer team, break the inherent network edit mode, set up a team of professional producers. Producer for authors, works, guidance, and follow up quality copyrighted content subsequent derivative development, make each work to build a brand, take every author as a star to build, this is tangyuan creation and other important breakthrough of product differentiation.

in the literature market, literature is a marginal field of commercial society, the rise of network literature text lovers have the direction. The article has ten years history, is still thousands of words, the profit pattern of a few cents, high-quality IP are trafficked, change for film, games, etc., has formed a brand for excessive consumption, finally can’t last, changed the original intention. “And the value of the text is not limited to absolutely according to pay for such a simple words, their inheritance is a kind of culture and thought”, zhou wei on the mobile end the status quo and prospect of literary creation.

at present, the tangyuan has 100000 creators, 1 million users, the platform has more than 200000 films, the content of 88% by mobile terminal. Has completed the seed users accumulation period.

the greatest difficulty in the process of startup, is how to through the creation of product design makes this sounds boring and difficult things simple happiness. Can be trained is actually a kind of writing skills, but the man of great self-control is minority after all, how to write into a like game 1 and can gain great achievement, is the product spare no efforts is to conquer the difficulties.


the future will continue to introduce various types of the creator, and in combination of mobile phones on the product features unique properties for more breakthroughs. Has the potential to support new, make literary nova, build community ecosystem.

after tangyuan creation development, and strive to achieve the content read all free, but the business model focus on copyright yan, the fans on the economy and community economy. With professional production team discovered the potential in the platform content creators and copyright content, intensification and extension and marketing, brand form content. At present, tangyuan creation has angel investment 10 million RMB.

tangyuan creationCompany: Beijing dumplings and its friends network technology co., LTD.

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