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the self-help tourism, because people are becoming more and more attention to inner experience, feeling, more tend to accept make friends I met on the trip, customize your travel itinerary. Take me up is the real world stranger travel tools. Why do I complete you, feel like?

go out to play,, of course, is looking for local talent, take me up by photos, labels, advantage allows users to quickly find your dream man, according to the data, trading and assessment to the perfect ranking allows users to freely choose services, find the most suitable of the local people. On the way, you can directly order to make an appointment, can choose to meet the payment, you can also use the “red envelope” payment, arranged by the host and clothing live line, and the feeling of in the local have their own.

at the same time, if have, can be received, please release to stick together and don’t know who can publish “received” information to destination members to come to you, can attract others published “you play with” excellent service, play with others can be released at any time and place your journey. Take me have a detailed classification of structured screening entry, can communication, repeatedly minus the multifarious custom-made in accordance with user requirements of the local consultant. Categories, such as price, service mode, the hotel to provide the way to travel, and so on.

trust issues is a top priority of development, “take me to design a set of integrity, reputation mechanism. Integrity score is determined by the identity of the owner to provide detail information, id card, mobile phone, two or more SNS account certification, the higher the more complete honesty. Authenticated by the platform to get more exposure. And the reputation at the same time affected by the owner pay the margin level and the complete orders. According to the user when choosing the service side, can depend on, safe.

a good person, beautiful pictures can thumb up, share with weibo WeChat friend, and together they make an appointment. All received content can comment. These operations can be integral.

founder luo must in take me up, there was a time of 12 days past the experience of the six cities in the United States, all along the way on the bus, almost zero contact with the locals, boring, tasteless, into the feeling is very low, feel the experience of a foreign country trip brings it is better to watch TV travel. , “I just want to go anywhere in the world have local like students receive much good, can be living life together with him, buy and prepare food shopping street. While China is the only channel to do sofa guest. But in Chinese values, outsiders are always don’t feel safe at home, and I live in homes will feel uncomfortable.” So, must wonder, the world is there a can play across ethnic beliefs and cultural differences, can realize to anywhere in the world can find locals to take, the experience of the local customs, in exile in run mad. and so on March 30, 2013, luo must resign, founded in hangzhou take me up.

in the travel application market, by contrast, most of the so-called p2p travel, are B2c mode of travel, is the official in between guest and host. And who I will never step in process, fully guarantee the user the absolute freedom of choice. Do for someone to take me up, never step in process of belief in freedom and equality friendship and low price, do this to the pure, do best to find the local people in the world, the fastest find company platform is enough. And received my core is offline advantages, and in particular is currently the most real local travel platform, and tools.

save my strong executive ability, make it less than a year in 38 cities opened 52 games meeting, developed the 43 GuanPeiSheng, and 18 ambassador, 110000 members. Established a system of offline ambassador, “ambassador” for local travel enthusiasts community, group travel fans meeting and for early adopters. Scope covers all of China’s provinces, autonomous regions and special administrative region, even abroad have authentic local members, in order to realize travelers p2p for accumulation.

the travel industry has three times, an era is a delegate with travel sightseeing travel, this era is the prehistoric civilization of the industry, using the information asymmetry in the money, one is a delegate with OTA self-help travel times, the can be said to be the industry in this era of industrial civilization era, the use of is resources asymmetry to make money, but his progressive manifests itself in the relative information transparency. A person is a travel time, the corresponding is the future civilization era, its characteristic is the symmetry of information transparency, an absolute difference of service, resource, seamless docking. Must believe: “make money relies on the big data, and resources provided by the psychological consumption satisfaction.”

take me up in December 2014, adjust the business model, and introduced a new version of the received my app, and strengthen the social attribute, desalination trading process. Plan year to complete the Chinese ambassador to ground level above the city’s GuanPeiSheng system copy, copy in the asia-pacific region next year abroad ambassador and GuanPeiSheng system. Let the people go to any place you can find reliable locals like brothers and sisters. Also hope to be able to to let it let nature take its course naturally mentality, create a different country different RACES different beliefs of people of different language a universal platform. For more people than the satisfaction of desires. Feel like old friends has never achieve “, but “.

on August 23, 2013 millions of angel investment in bay for angel, on November 3 2014 siebert and angels bay 10 million yuan investment.

save my dream is to let you go to any city in the world, and you can find reliable right the locals. Let you missed the colors in the same city is no longer, no longer fear and helpless, in the foreign country other place where you can get to know friends from all over the world. Can receive others for profit.

save my
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