Take Google’s core business, skin looked will become the next CEO?

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unveiled last week failed to reach the market expected the third quarter, Google has launched a seemingly internal significant adjustment: this is Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) will take Google’s core product leadership to Sundar, skin looked (Sundar Pichai).

the time adjustment includes business search, maps, Google +, study, business and advertising products, as well as infrastructure, combined with skin looked is now in charge of the business of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, you can see that he has really become a Google extremely powerful executives. After the handover, the page will continue to be directly responsible for the business and operations, including the Nest, the Calico, Google X, enterprise development, legal, financial and commercial (including advertising sales) and access and energy, etc.

it is understood that The Times of adjustment shall not involve the skin to check the position name change, that is to say, he is still Google senior vice President, reporting to the page. Responsible for the previous item, six executives report to page, but the future report object will be converted into skin looked. According to the explanation in the internal email page adjustment can make their focus on the purpose of the company’s creativity, reduce too much.

this cause guess again, whether or not the next page will be to give up the CEO position and to concentrate on doing a product?

page 3 years record

this adjustment seems to have let the page back in a few years ago. Since 2001, when the CEO to outsiders after schmidt, page and another co-founder sergey brin will focus on the building products, this strategy also contributed to Google’s glory. Until 2011, as schmidt age gradually big, new strategy implementation, page to return as CEO.

however, view from the majority, inside collect, anti-social personality of engineers, the page is not very good at in the CEO position to go up and deal with complex management, government, social relations, which is the original page agreed to schmidt as CEO of the important reasons for the (for which he was depressed over a period of time).

the American writer Ken? Ollie tower (Ken Auletta) has described page: “page is a very self man, at the meeting is always low head playing the Android mobile phone, he is not fit to speech in public, he hates packed schedule arrangement, he thinks that spending too much time dealing with journalists, analysts, or government officials is a waste of time.”

although be reinstated when many people believe that education has improved and preparing for a long time, but from its close during the management of more than three years, Google is a smooth transition, whole window, on the contrary began to show a new crisis.

Google +, for example, as Google late Facebook competing goods for many years, is called the page of “achievement project”, the mountain after the promotion behavior is also carried out without restraint, Google is now + gradually faded from the public view. As a $12.5 billion acquisition of MOTOROLA’s during the period of huge trading is also considered failed in the end.

on the other hand is that Google’s growth is slowing, and even have quarter in a row not exceeding the expectation “, including the latest innovation in the third quarter, the first results of the lowest growth rate since 2009. On the one hand, the base is too big, more importantly, Google though in many business layout, but so far have been poor. A few months ago, page should relentlessly selling shares held by the company, hundreds of millions of dollars in cash.

Google’s question “monopoly”, invasion of privacy and other image has not be repaired. After consecutive years ranked the best employers of science and technology of Google in the well-known evaluation site Glassdoor.com ranking has slipped to fifth.

of course, while Google has met some problems, but for now, is not sufficient to force the class page. But look from the signs, the adjustment of the business or page to make the transition to skin to check the power transition in Iraq. After all page body concerns caused by “voice” incident has not completely eliminated.

Indian skin looked

from the adjustment point of view, skin looked within Google’s position is a powerful, almost all over the company’s core business. Although it is still not Google’s top leadership, the basic difference. This is after, to take over the Microsoft CEO, another Indian over global technology giants.

skin looked was born in India’s fourth largest city of chennai, India received by IIT Kharagpur bachelor’s degree, master’s degree at Stanford university, Pennsylvania Wharton MBA, as a management consultant at McKinsey & company.

in 2004 to join Google company, to join in the beginning, he was responsible for Google Chrome browser and other software products management and innovation of the work. Now Chrome in the mobile phone and the desktop web browser market occupies 32% market share, more than Internet explorer, firefox and apple’s Safari. By the Chrome OS derived from it is also used in a series called this cheap laptops.

he later began to take over maps, Gmail, etc. On March 14, 2013, sundar? Ms. Pichardo was officially take over Andy? Rubin (Andy Rubin) as a Google Android President position. In so far more than a year, Android has begun to more transparent, more open.

in the workplace, skin looked colleagues of his amiable character and diplomats were communicating skills, toppled in modern science and technology executives to him conceited, unreachable big boy image more relish. “In Google can assure you that you can’t find a don’t like sundar, or people think he is a monster.” Work with the leather looked, vice President for eight years of Caesar Sengupta (Caesar Sengupta) said.

skin looked soft-spoken, be humble. He warned that if he didn’t take care, android’s future is just like his recently in Hawaii and his 11-year-old daughter together a surfing lesson: he first stand seems a success, only to fall off.

“and”, at the same time has advanced insight into the product idea, perhaps skin looked is not far from Google CEO has too. Interestingly, after go to Microsoft’s new CEO in the shortlist, skin looked once in the column.

watch how to evaluate skin looked page: “has rich technical experience, keen eyes and entrepreneurial talent. Hardly anyone could set the three qualities, skin looked so also is a great leader “.

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