Take a look at two decades after you! Futureself let’s conversation with yourself in the future

may be a lot of people hope like sci-fi flicks back to the past to the future, more some people hope to be able to talk to your future self. Don’t worry, it all in “Futureself” can be implemented. You can use the web application to get you the three-dimensional figure of 20 years, and a simple dialogue with him. After 20 years of you, let’s go and see!

what, don’t agree? Well, twenty years later you can verify its reliability.

I always dream can become a silver fox. But the truth is that I am the bulldog. I guess most people are this kind of psychological state.

I looking at 20 years of oneself, also is I at the age of 53. Because some annoying reasons, I have to attend a strange Orange by the British telecom (publicis and jam3 cooperation established) launched the campaign called “”. I look at the camera, click a button, and watched a series of calculating trajectory of polygon on my photo, just like restart in low cost movie “back to the future”, I faced a moving, then, to speak.

do you know I have a British accent? Obviously, “Dr. Experienced by the” marathon “explore finally become a reality.

I really can’t allow yourself to communicate with me in the future, not because I don’t want to go the doctor who said I plot of the future, but because I too busy staring at this strange yourself.

so horrible appearance, it is totally ridiculous. For others, my face was distorted, like a toy dog, narrow forehead like Herman munster. My nose is like the battered, it seems that it will slide down from my face. The aging of the and relics, they completely is a terrible mistake.

from, I can confirm that this web application is to capture the user’s eyes, nose and mouth, through some aging treatment increased their geometry, and then will be compressed results on a same size head. In this way, it put my facial features after compression in a true shape is not a suitable model, the result will look a bit like pug munster.

I call my wife, she is a portrait painter, and send this figure by computer to her. After her laugh. “It doesn’t have a like my place,” she said. “Chin completely wrong, eyes look like in the comic.”

she comforted me a few words, of course, exactly the opposite. Comic books? That is to say here and I don’t like? I began looking into his eyes. In fact, the eyes are like, just the skin a little shrink. If they have eyes adjust, look from some angles, it’s a bit like and head on the nose. Badly and my beard, it looks like sit on the throne of the clown. My beard, do too rough! My beard will fall out! ? Really! ?

in I want to use Google search “beard”, want to go to amazon search “facial pilatory” before, my wife in a more fundamental reason chimed in:

“mike, you don’t like that,” she said. “Do you know who you would like? Would like your father.”

well, this is a simple inspirational event, maybe I shouldn’t take it too seriously.

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