“Taiwan version YY” leap up is red, is Taiwan officials canvassed voters as a channel

Taipei real-time online video platform in the seed round of funding from the Cherubic Ventures received $350000, the company said the investment for the expansion of the operations team.

users can in LIVEhouse. In the website to open their own channels, each channel includes a real-time video chat rooms and function. LIVEhouse., said in the 1 million users currently has 23 million residents (Taipei) website currently heads the Taiwan media streaming video platform.

LIVEhouse. Co-founder and CEO of in Sega Cheng said that although there is no specific goal, but his startup the expansion of the future will focus on the Asian market. In order to avoid with the giant existing streaming media video field, such as Twitch, YouTube Live Events, Brightcov day songs and the Chinese market, YY competition, Cheng and his company will be in different areas on different vertical market. In Taiwan, LIVEhouse is currently in service games, concerts and electricity companies.

recently on the nine election in Taiwan, LIVEhouse. In also played a certain effect. Now the mayor of Taipei, independents ko wj had background in LIVEhouse. In the opened a channel to communicate with voters, ko wj victory is undoubtedly painful blow to the ruling kuomintang party. Ko wj channels to attract the attention of the more than 400000 voters, the average visitor browsing the 11 minutes, according to data page bounce rate lower than 4%.

the LIVEhouse. In not ko wj team only web tools used to attract young voters, they will publish the ko wj’s manifesto on GitBook so as to attract the attention of young voters.

Cheng said LIVEhouse. In planning through advertising and the cooperation with electricity to make a profit.


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