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do feature films of the enterprises in is also a kind of trend, big companies, small companies. But the industry didn’t show a professional video available video website. From crystal science and technology for the Olympic Games open closing assembly after leaving office, Zhou Jianchen made a media company, professional to the enterprise and government customers special video.

Zhou Jianchen tell hunting cloud network, AD market status quo is the industry at present: the good and bad are intermingled, the lack of benchmarking, practitioners and no communication between industry company. “This is not a normal ecological” sweet pomegranate which we actually do in the first place. Sweet pomegranate positioning is: segmentation, professional promotional video site path. At present domestic video industry production company about 7 m. Three or four line city take remove talk outside resources, pomegranate sweet show all above the platform promotion company objective is: take work to talk, don’t without him!

every company is pomegranate inside of small sweet fruit, this industry can be benign development, culture and the connotation of AD is what we want. Why want to do the segmentation, Zhou Jianchen tell hunting cloud network: in general, the company’s promotion is usually preferred choice model is uploaded to youku, but consider business level, youku in play will degrade, and advertising. Video is beautiful, quality and advertising is a natural stop.

whole, Zhou Jianchen sweet pomegranate is such, do a professional segmentation promo video web site, each video production company can upload their works, and absolutely high definition, image quality is constant. Video production company in the video below remarks on this detailed information, including the director, planning, editors, production cycle, production costs, etc. Publishing companies and time, industry, the style, location will be attached.

Where is the purpose of the

so professional? Zhou Jianchen said, the final purpose is: let the platform to show company have received the list in the future. The display of the video company before do is power. Future professional degrees, such business owners to find suitable video production company will come here. Sweet pomegranate is essentially a B2B + B2C website. 2 c is docking this industry talent exchange, 2 b is complete production enterprises and promote the product show the docking of subsequent cooperation at the same time.

Zhou Jianchen tell hunting cloud network, the future is sweet pomegranate do propaganda professional video website + industry community. Complete docking trade between enterprises and production company and the industry talent exchange between the recruitment. But the most difficult is that sweet pomegranate no awareness, this also is Zhou Jianchen team is trying to do. Itself is the another company to do the corporate videos. And he is also President of Shanghai creative industry association. The municipal government related department next year to jointly organize a China AD awards. In the culture of the benchmarking perked up website professional degrees. Up sweet pomegranate profile,

now, AD is different from the movies, TV shows, TVC television advertising, is the fourth class screen industry, industry websites side has not been seriously, but really has been recognized in the market. Promotion as a means of business, government, product publicity, belong to the necessities, as companies and product changing, repeated consumption rates in the future will be more and more is also high.

Zhou Jianchen tell hunting cloud network traffic at this time for sweet pomegranate is not important, more important industry reputation and professional degrees. Previous platforms all upload video resources pre-production audit, filling stage need more companies to participate in. Future audit team will check, because the copyright problem is also a big problem of AD industry, the company can’t use other company’s products for their own use. Copyright this will also help platform company to apply for copyright.

a bigger future Zhou Jianchen tell hunting cloud network, industry culture is very important, the trailer for the grandstanding not meant for a long time, we would not encourage this kind of culture, culture, connotation is good publicity. And company special video material in video camera used in the finished product after actually only a small part of most good pictures are wasted, hope it is possible, the future platform production company didn’t use the video camera can also be used for the industry to pay to use. But he also knows that sweet pomegranate on the threshold of need more to pay attention. Finally he said: foreign vimeo is great, don’t mind, the market can also regard us as a propaganda film version of the vimeo, only our future industrial chain become longer.



time: August 2014

company: Shanghai sweet pomegranate network technology co., LTD.


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