Super TV brings confidence, Jia Yueting regardless of opposition to insist to do a car

today for le regard, not only to celebrate the head Jia Yueting twin daughters for joy, but also super TV.

happy visual intelligent terminal business group of COO to announced today that 2014 super TV sales volume has exceeded 1.5 million, one month in advance to complete the annual sales target. He believes that 2015 will be smart TV battle of the year, domestic smart TV penetration will reach 85%, next year will directly determine affects the whole industry chain Letv can be TV manufacturers, the company to formulate sales target for 3 million – 4 million, total ownership break through 5 million.

preliminary success for the company and super TV Jia Yueting confidence, and copy the whole mode to other intelligent terminals, including Jia Yueting mentioned in weibo yesterday’s plan – super cars.

although Jia Yueting himself did not show up, but for music depending on the vehicle network CEO post sunmoonstar preparation or super cars are introduced. If he says, at the end when doing automobile products, the company internal executives have a vote, the result is most does not agree, but Jia Yueting insist on do myself. Then, the company began to silicon valley in the United States set up research and development team, and joint baic jointly invested in August this year, an American high-tech design of pure electric vehicle company Atieva.

the other, according to le networks CEO Jia Yueting personal assistant Jiang Dongge Jia Yueting abroad during a few months, about 60% of the energy on the car project.

with super constructing ecological system, TV Letv super car also want to build based on the ecology of automobile products. Sunmoonstar introduces, in product design and business models will be vertically integrated automotive chain partners, strive to make a creative new type of car, have features such as electric, intellectualization and the Internet.

, for the moment, the industry involved in the chain is too long, including research and development, production, depending on the super car had not listed on schedule. For the funds required for the key issues, such as Letv will innovation mode to run the layout, but did not disclose more details information.

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