Super king of weight loss, professional video + reasonable diet to promote you to complete lose weight

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lean into a bolt of lightning! Well, now is fat into a mass of rice dumplings. It doesn’t matter, people watching the fat day. Losing weight is a pain, unable to insist, don’t fuss science. Many fat children are early excitedly insistence, finally also is dropped.

I can say that artifact to come? Super king of weight loss is a dedicated to helping users through the APP that reduce weight, belongs to zhuhai three hall of science and technology co., LTD. Its advocates a healthy diet, comprehensive weight scheme will be tailored for the user. The core is to solve three problems of the eternal weight loss: move around, tube shut up, stick to it.

in the application of super king of weight loss is on the basis of a user’s height and weight, age and other basic data automatically calculate the user’s body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic heat, on the exercise and diet plans give users a comprehensive thin body plan. Tell hunting cloud network team, super loser APP that fragmentation time movement, partner relationship between incentive and a healthy diet guidance.

no matter how to speak, exercise for weight loss is the most healthy forever. In addition to professional slimming video in application, the user’s local thin body also has professional each part of the diet, the video of the 2012 Asian bodybuilding championships women’s body MouCong shooting, all from primary level to advanced.


finish indoor sports, outdoor sports also cannot little. Super king of weight loss with outdoor steps and movement record function. Quantitative weight loss from the intuitive statistics obtained achievement, but more is through the data better and to develop a healthy lifestyle to lose weight to provide comprehensive solutions.

on food, the king provide heat data in different food reducing weight, the user can through reasonable planning the daily diet of food quantity of heat. But from the point of life experience, “Jimmy” can’t, but quantitative diet is most people have no incentive to insist on down. But if you can introduce friends “thin” PK supervise each weight loss? The current application in innovation introduced this feature. Let weight individual soldiers into a “partner”, benign competition, to overcome the laches.

to remove the partial tools function, opened up a slimming super loser community plates, a variety of topics let users on the platform of communication. Are introduced and applied to reduce weight the king teaching online business, and is currently teaching thin salon, certified trainer in this sector and other sectors and user interaction, establish a personal brand. Soon tell hunting cloud network team, super weight loss near the king’s version 4.0 introduces the service function, let the coach and offline agencies can be more accurate, contribute to the exploration of its business model.


tell hunting cloud network team, super loser APP now, more than 30000 new users, the total registered users do. Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and other cities the number of users are more than 300000, the user is given priority to with urban white-collar workers, many have intense exercise to lose weight requirements and prepare to take action.


team bao-jian liu as a CEO, a senior fellow at Peking University institute of fine management, once successively in American and Japanese executives multinational company for many years. The company’s vision is: I hope through smart phones and other mobile Internet platform, let the authoritative professional and scientific idea of keeping in good health and family management comprehensive docking, let each user’s diet, exercise, nursing and health related activities can be the guidance of scientific authority. At present, the company has won millions of RMB angel investment.


Super king of weight loss

Company: zhuhai three hall information technology co., LTD.

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