Super curriculum founder yu jia wen: “I” is to pick up women

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the Chinese dream, some are big, some are microscopic. For 90 more beautiful after, make this more simple, is his dream. (otaku (~)

have you ever met the goddess didn’t dare to strike up a conversation? Average person estimates can only check from YY, but there is nothing to stop the program apes, their strongest gene is to begin – programming. (as for the hands of the class, at best, can only be called “squat, ape” ~) yu jia, is this kind of program apes.

university is met the beauty of the holy land, but there are thirty classes in a week, a direct result of his IQ try so hard, can’t remember the curriculum, forget where class, more deadly is sitting around trying to find the right classroom found beauty, instantaneous emotional intelligence is zero, dare not take the initiative to strike up a conversation. These otaku pain, let the more beautiful imagination, assembled a few like-minded good gay friend, developed the “super class schedule”.

this is a docking with the educational system of colleges and universities, a key school curriculum to the mobile campus App automatically. These are virtual, captures the real let a person is the function of “passing notes” – allows the same courses of children’s boots hook up! Super curriculum has currently supported the country’s 3000 colleges and universities, the user to accumulate more than never, it has become the rescue seduce artifact of university otaku in distress.

Super curriculum

after graduating from university, yu jia dedicated to the great cause the save otaku, founded the company, the CEO of dozens of people team. When interest into the work, you can also play together happy?

he said, the team a disagreement, quarrel is the most efficient way. So in this company, no matter who, can’t do it well will be scold, scold scold the put the things to do. But in the decision-making process, scolded his scolding, the decider must also is his. Friendship and company, he thought, to separate, girl can be together, but the company management to clear.

like yi jing yu jia wen as from time to time for the idea, the interview often ask candidates a question: your dad stole 100 others, why don’t you report him? He say: “those who say to want to, I will give him no. China is filial first. But if ask: your dad do the traitors, do you want to report him? Then I need you to said ‘to’. Filial piety is not absolute, while campaigning zhong is greater than filial piety.” (still very not is to ask your mother and your wife fell into the water at the same time you save first who question, the leopard uncle can only save your sister first.)

this philosophy also affected his work style: has the ability to how, how to do. He thought, “a good project must be look not to understand at the beginning, followed by touch not and deeply, and then scratching, the last is to wonder why I didn’t think I was at that time.” His next goal is to continue to get through universities, let more convenience otaku enjoy chasing girls. (don’t forget the beginner’s mind ~)

as for the long term goal, he wants to company development and stability, after go home and spend more time with their parents, after five or six years, get married, with children in the future brag B – when did your dad young a newbest. (the camera background music sounded far ~)

angel investor zhu bo review: super curriculum project, one is a needle pain points, not big and perfection, cut into the college students is a subdivision of demand point, rich imagination business. If the super class schedule in the future can pass to become a leader in the campus social, I’m sure the value of it is very big.


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