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tencent a shareholder and registered network, ali stake in citic in the 21st century, the spring rain doctors to raise $50 million m, etc., one after another bombshell, making the Internet health become a hot topic. Due to the complexity of traditional hospital procedures, numeral, medical, row bed a lot of criticism, such as online health might be expected. Is not hard to find, at present the Internet contains the medical industry offline registration, visits, consulting, trade, and other models; Vertical segments at the same time, the diversification of the Internet health will become a development trend in the future.

this year launched in February sun fu, subdivide: to focus on the crowd, “nutrition during pregnancy” class as the breakthrough point, is a “special light + health management” model of online medical consultation service applications. “National prenatal nutrition class” project is sponsored by the Chinese medical doctor association, screening of national excellent medical institutions as a project to undertake units. Project by organizing experts and standardize the prenatal nutrition education content, improving nutrition among workers professional quality, and to assist the hospital open prenatal nutrition class, to promote extensive prenatal nutrition mission work.

founder bright gold, in the Chinese medical doctor association, leading the national nutrition during pregnancy “class project, has the offline version of the key resources of the school. According to hunt cloud network understanding, the pregnant mother wants to take part in the study, need to be in line to make an appointment to sign up, at the specified time, and the sun fu “school” of the plate, will be offline course information directly by means of the timeline, help on the pregnant mother online consultation and booking.

the sun fu is the overall function and plate structure is for “special light + health management” mode is designed. From Beijing obstetrics and gynecology, Peking University hospital, Shanghai international peace maternal and child health care, nanjing maternity and child care more than thousand hospital obstetrics and gynecology doctors throughout the country 24 hours real-time, completely free for users to solve problems; When users need to rob, each time not more than 30 places, the user can choose the doctor gender, system can be convenient to search in our hospital and the doctor in this city, to communicate with the doctor can choose 1 on 1 consultation, or offline to see a doctor; User can view in the book “classroom” recommended by the Chinese medical doctor association of maternity hospital maternity schools across the country about “pregnant”, “pregnant” and “postpartum parenting” phase good courseware. Also can query and booking anytime and anywhere in our hospital “pregnant women school” curriculum, and with the course instructor and other students online interaction.

the sun fu is professional in addition to interrogation, class module, a day will also push for women’s and children’s group health, pregnancy, parenting, such as information, consultation of a series of theme and classification, the user may be classified according to their needs. Bright gold, “sun fu is a professional platform for the maternity son visits, with mobile database are from authoritative medical disease, professional knowledge, rich nutrition and nursing database, with meticulous care for the user.”

search interrogation pattern, to say the spring rain is definitely a doctor in the field of bosses, and cloud network hunting small make up think, sun fu is a service specific people online medical applications, those women and men with offline or all kinds of specialized subject hospital, because the crowd more segmentation, by providing differentiated, professional services, sun fu may create their own piece of heaven and earth. Bright gold believes that every day in the sun, especially consulting services, 50% is one-on-one interaction, local search visits made vies to answer first model is not good, and the special “light” mode for the local doctors, patients, ensure the follow-up communication O2O model may be a good choice.

sunshine children got the angel financing in September this year, is now with 380 maternity and child care to achieve cooperation, attracted more than 3000 doctors. Children’s future development strategy, the sun bright gold that maternal and infant subdivided population quantity is limited, when a user growth encountered bottleneck, will consider in enhancing the user activity on the breach, the future will consider also considered hardware like other online medical companies access to the intelligence, cooperate with the doctor diagnosed at the same time, help the user to complete for pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, birth and parenting in the process of data records.

the sun fu

time: in February 2014,


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