Sun cheng-yaw: the most famous professional managers talk about business

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as the asia-pacific IT ring of professional managers, the most famous cheng-yaw sun of brilliant career. Graduated from university into the HP, sun cheng-yaw to serve the company for 25 years, from Taiwan to the mainland, after HP each growth stage in China. But after more than 20 years of professional managers, as the sun cheng-yaw after 50 chose entrepreneurship. In September 2012, sun cheng-yaw established line of education science and technology company, after a year, line of education and ATA company formally merged, sun cheng-yaw ATA CEO.

recently, LinkedIn led Britain with BiMBA national development research institute of Peking University jointly organized the “brought the influence of BBS, talked about the two years of entrepreneurial experience, sun cheng-yaw said: ” career success, entrepreneurship more difficult, the so-called into has played havoc played havoc. In my career experience, more than half in a startup is invalid, or even negative energy.”

in the past twenty years of his career, chairman or director sun cheng-yaw served as different companies, he said that these experiences let him understand how to become a manager, and now he is studying if doing a business operator. “The manager is responsible for the problem solving, and the operator is responsible for the title. Between the two have different abilities, sometimes even opposite.” Sun cheng-yaw said.

in sun cheng-yaw view, compared with entrepreneurship, career has four elements: jobs, the execution, the environment and his card. compared with entrepreneurs, professionals can’t choose jobs, jobs is the enterprise design, professionals need to understand whether itself is suitable for jobs, rather than to create a post. And entrepreneurship can because of interest, do something you like. Therefore, professionals need to have the ability to adapt to the post.

from the aspects of ability, it is very important to professionals is executed, “all of the operators, entrepreneurs, the company’s CEO or boss, would like to see a thing, is that managers do have ability, able to task, achieve the mission will reach.” As a senior professionals, sun cheng-yaw think professional executive ability can be trained, “in my career, professionals should be trained, I almost have been trained.” But is unable to cultivate entrepreneurial ability.

then environment, professional environment, one of the biggest differences compared with entrepreneurship is “predictability”, this position is responsible for what work? What is the performance targets? What kind of knowledge? Are predictable. “You can’t say the boss I want, I’ll do my best, as a professional of this sentence is not pass.” A qualified professional managers, how to achieve their mission, with what method, what kind of resources, achieve success, must be predictable. But entrepreneurship is not the case, “entrepreneurship is only see at the foot of the road, but can’t see the end, no predictability.”

because of professional and entrepreneurial environment different, said sun cheng-yaw, professional managers and entrepreneurs need different thinking mode. Professional managers need to do “mission will reach”, so managers need to not only see the next intersection, also saw goals, there must be very clear road is what appearance, this is professional habits of thinking, but for business, this thinking habit is a challenge.

in addition, to do professional is a process of his card, and entrepreneurship is a process of from the. Professionals can only be evaluated, “is what others think you how are you, rather than you think.” This is a sad, but it is also the fact that no change. Because others recognition to prove successful, so this kind of circumstance change and learning ability is very important, but entrepreneurship is the process of the need to focus. YY, founder of li3 xue2 ling2 once said: only laughed at ideal is ideal. Entrepreneurs need to believe in yourself, but before you succeed, others to slap on your feet.

to review their own career and entrepreneurial experience, sun cheng-yaw believes that as professionals, whether to need to understand and think is suitable for enterprise, the position and the environment, but when become entrepreneurs, the world is completely changed. Because of the need to design to do, and he himself is the biggest challenge facing the “creative”. “I’ve spent my whole life to do foreign teacher a good topic, it is 0 to 100, and now I want to do from 0 to 100, this is the entrepreneurs do. Plus in a startup has too many uncertain, like diving, you don’t know how deep the water below.”

but cheng-yaw sun also think, model difficult to replicate more difficult to lasting success. “Everyone definition of success is different, some people the pursuit of happiness, some people will pursue fame and wealth, so the pursuit of your own desire, whether professional or business, but not lack of courage and perseverance. “Create their own businesses or as a professional manager, continuous learning, change their ability is very important.”

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