Successful female entrepreneurial investors transformation: customize your wedding invitation card for you

in silicon valley has a halo of Indian women entrepreneurs gave up in silicon valley business, engaged in paper printing industry of India, this is a rare phenomenon. With big data analysis of the current market to India, she achieved good effect, has now completed the seed round, for the rest of the market to find the direction.

she used to be a Daniel at the Massachusetts institute of technology, silicon valley venture capitalist, is now a business entrepreneurs in India. Rohini Chakravarthy has broken a lot of work on like the “glass ceiling”. She is still at the Indian institute of technology in madras before learning electrical engineering, in the main board, the chip and embedded software industry worked, she of these companies is similar to the large global companies such as cisco, and the MIT Sloan school of management in Cambridge after learning MBA became a venture capitalist. Cooperate with Intel Capital eight years later, she moved to the New Enterprise Associates, focus on the investment of software and systems. She is a lot of science and technology entrepreneurship members of the board of directors of the company. For example: Aquantia, Kaazing Corporation and Vuclip.

however, breaking the limits on some of the work is not only able to make her become the most eye-catching in the crowd that, especially in places like bangalore, everywhere is full of ambitious people. Chakravarthy chose not to choose a person’s field engaged in business activities. Her passion for chip has transferred to the tens of thousands of people in India design made the most sense of personalized greeting card, invitation CARDS and some of the activity theme decoration supplies.

she is two months old, startup Inksedge is a promising e-commerce site in the chaos of the market, in a worth billions of dollars. Although the company still need time to be understanding and the understanding, but even so, some professionals with core technology background is very fond of her, even if not, after listening to her people and her professional will be impressed.

wedding supplies the value of the market in India has more than $1 billion. Every day there are more than one thousand wedding in India. On average, people in the wedding invitation invitation on spending about $323. At present in the supply of this field is very fragmented. Now users are personalized to the requirement of the print, not someone else to provide design. Chakravarthy said. “this phenomenon represents a interesting question, if you can solve these problems, this will be a huge market.”

new financing will be used for market development, to build the infrastructure and launch new products. Including the wedding paper collection.

when she held a traditional Hindu ceremony of thread, this is similar to the inside of the Christian Christian baptism. This ceremony is held specifically for her son. When her son in bangalore last year helped her good germination of the idea in my mind. She went through a difficult process, looking for partner eventually realized that there is a better way to achieve this goal, it is to use the online mode. So far no one has to meet the requirements of her size and quality.

she said: “Inksedge is a fully digital model of working process, until you’re sure click” print “. It can provide users with highly personalized service, the purpose is to give the user a “wow” amazing experience. Because there are a large number of science and technology to join them.”

according to Chakravarthy, Inksedge have in solving problems is a big data problem. , she says, many people in the big data is just calculate what people are buying, where to buy, why buy this. India market just meet the number of Internet users in the field of electronic commerce.

this is a very real problem of big data, you can choose a category, then, if I give you a set of user groups, you must tell me how they went to buy this, when they will choose to buy, choose where to buy? This is a very big interesting problems which need to be solved. Theme decoration supplies is a very interesting, because it has four parts: the unique directory, personalization, customer purchase and to display the design to the real effect.

recently, Chakravarthy in bangalore announced the closure of $1.5 million hosted by NEA seed financing round. In this round of financing, have of Pinnacle Ventures, Milliways Ventures and some angel investors Nickhil Jakatdar, Gokul Rajaram, Mark Perry, Anil Kamath.

in a statement about money, Milliways Ventures, founding partner of Anand Rajaraman said: “we believe that the big data company Inksedge has a bright appearance. Big data is a new algorithm for new data. Nowadays, there are 60 million of women in India are using Internet services, and the number is growing rapidly. Inksedge is ready to collect the user data, the use of these new data sets, a thorough study and mining of the new consumption model, this model before and there is a difference.”

each year more than 800 startups created in India, but very few women in India from silicon valley to here to find the problem, and began to conquer it.

sometimes to one thing you may rely on too close can make eyes fuzzy instead. You can’t see the tree in the wood. This is the entrepreneurs a profound lesson: in the Internet to find solutions to each problem, you’ll become a winner. In India, the question you face is absolutely not less.

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