Students with excellent grades help low-achieving students, online classroom StudyRoom hundred students autonomy

StudyRoom) aims to establish a study group, and online tutoring, so that the students from over a behind closed doors, mutual learning in the community. Since this spring, the company began to pilot run six universities in the United States developed services, and claims that so far has reached to 40000 the number of testers. Through this platform, students to join a study group, and peer to peer tutoring.

StudyRoom co-founder and chief executive of Emerson Malca explains, is to create a student led online learning platform, because of his own experiences as teachers. This experience made him understand that in many cases, the best method of study, is by teaching others to improve yourself. And really let Malca clappers this scheme, one thing happened recently. For he had a friend to consult physics homework, he wondered why she further, he asked her why not go and ask the classmates. But, said she only know the contact way of the two classmates, one of the phone how couldn’t get through, another said he will not do, the heart is unable to do.

Malca describes what he and co-founder Pindi Albert heard the response to this matter: “we don’t realize it, because we are in the university. This for us, it’s incredible, students should be the most has the mass, each other the most cohesive group. But once after school, they want to peace together almost every day when classmates contact is so incredibly difficult.”

but with StudyRoom, is a different story. Students can register their own class on the site, or in support of the school to find their own class home page. Here, the students can communicate your class notes, discuss the homework, sharing all kinds of resources, cooperation learning guidance, a learning team, helping each other.

at the same time, the school home page is a little similar to Facebook, some college or university provide specific all activities of the notice, its content is quite widespread, including events, social activities and so on, students can also keep in touch with professor on it.

StudyRoom different places, and other online learning platform is that it is absolutely dominated by students of teaching. Malca explained: “we don’t want to be a management platform for online teaching BlackBoard, poor imitation, irresponsible is then sold to each big school. One of the biggest differences is that we and other platform, we strive to develop is a can win the students favorite products. Of course, there are some teachers joined us, but they are all very cool, completely subvert the traditional teacher’s image.”

but, as many people expected, not all of the professors have to be completely sure about StudyRoom. Although they also allows students to share information to browse the past. StudyRoom is provided by the positive help or negative cheating, there is a subtle difference between the two, which is a contradictory point of StudyRoom.

Malca commented: “when we develop the app (some professors) hope can close some functions, in order to avoid students beyond the scope of control, at least to give them some binding. They hope oneself can also be involved in the application, hope to design a geared to the needs of their application. But we refused, this is a student masters of software.”

but he also said he has a feature allows students to report cheating behavior, such as some kind of answer to share. But there is no set StudyRoom moderator, so to cheat or not can only depend entirely on the students’ self-consciousness.

but Malca said that if some posts are considered to be severe cheating, will be deleted.

Malca not too concerned about the possibility of cheating, in his opinion “homework just means of practice, the teacher should not be too seriously homework, use them as the only measure of whether students grasp the lessons. The real purpose of the application, is to let the students can learn from each other, it even has an anonymous function, let the students ask some embarrassed to ask in the class, or embarrassed to say don’t understand the problem. It lets the students by helping other people solve problems, make oneself more in-depth understanding of the problem, this point and offline education is not a completely different.”

six schools, from the initial spring to autumn, StudyRoom has rolled out in 100 schools across the country, the momentum is quite amazing. Soon it will launch a new function, which is its business model: online tutoring. For students need individualized counseling, StudyRoom will provide students with excellent grades with low-achieving students model, substitute senior senior or the students can get unified class fees – $24/hour. (StudyRoom, of course, will also have a small piece of the pie.)

these “teacher” is likely to be any students, they release resources on the platform, a high prestige value, made a lot of prestige points,

only with enough prestige points, they can be qualified to become a teacher, this is equivalent to a review mechanism.

StudyRoom headquarters in menlo park, California, which is five people team has received $375000 in angel investment.

Source: TC

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